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Calvin Cybersecurity Alumni - Vertical Institute


Cybersecurity Bootcamp Alumni

Special credits to the Trainer. He has been awesome and very motivating to the students.

What made you decide to join our Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

I was interested to learn and upgrade myself with cybersecurity courses so I was looking up the internet and came across vertical institute advertisement. So I join the course.the price and the duration was reasonable

How would you describe your experience at Vertical Institute?

It was very resourceful and informative session doesn’t as in I learnt so many info in that 7 days. I’m an educator and from different line but I was able to produce an impressive capstone project as mentioned by the trainer

How has attending the Cybersecurity Bootcamp helped you in your career?

I took this course for future use as I came to know that cybersecurity is picking up well in the market.its just an additional information for me to upgrade my skills

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to enter the Cybersecurity field?

Pls join vertical institute and the training bootcamp can prepare you mentally for anyone who is looking for career in cybersecurity sector. The lecturer is very kind and he patiently teaches you. The admin staff as well are very effective. Vertical institute staff are very professional and efficient πŸ‘πŸ™‚

Who would you recommnend this Cybersecurity Bootcamp to?

I would recommend anyone who wants to upgrade your skills and or anyone who is a starter in this cybersecurity industry to go for this bootcamp. It’s very interesting and you will be curious learn more information too πŸ˜‰My advice for anyone aspiring to enter the cybersecurity field is to start with a solid foundation. Vertical Institute’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp provides exactly that. Stay curious, continuously update your skills, and be open to learning from both successes and challenges. Networking within the cybersecurity community is invaluable, so build those connections.

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