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Python Project Ideas For Your Portfolio

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

Python Project Ideas For Your Portfolio -  Vertical Institute

Python Project Ideas – Many students are looking for projects for their portfolio. One of the best ways to increase your interest in a field and gain experience is to find a project you can relate to. We’ve put together some ideas for python projects that you can use. If you’re new to Python and want to learn more about different types of projects, these will be great ideas for you!

Anyone who has scored a data science job offer in Singapore would know the importance of showcasing applied experience in programming, such as through hands-on projects.

Here are 5 projects you could complete with beginner-level python projects to build your experience and boost your resume!

Python Project Ideas for Beginners

Website Usage Analysis

You could look into scraping websites such as Netflix, Spotify and Amazon to gain deeper insight into your own entertainment consumption history. These websites allow you to download your usage data. Furthermore, Spotify, for example, encourages creative use of their data by allowing for developers to open up a Spotify Developers’ account to use their APIs for building pet projects. Using Jupyter Notebook, and the ‘Pandas’, ‘Numpy’ and ‘Matpotlib’ libraries, you will be able to visualise different aspects of your usage of these websites. 

Google Sheets Automation

If you have to use Google Sheets frequently and find formatting them tedious and repetitive, you can easily write a program using Python to automate that. Using Jupyter Notebook and libraries such as ‘gspread’ and ‘gspread-formatting’, you will be able to make API calls that will be able to create, format and consolidate data from Google Sheets for you. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors 

Those who are interested in games might be interested in developing your own game using Python. Developing a simple command-line game of Rock, Paper, Scissors that takes in input from the user is as simple as making use of some if/else statements and the ‘randint’ library. Developing this game could be a good way to get familiar with Python syntax and its different functionalities. 

Mad Libs Application

A popular game, Mad Libs, is a phrasal template word game, where the player is prompted for a bunch of words to substitute blanks, before reading out the final text. In this game, you could ask for input from the user, specifying different requirements, store their input in variables, and then print out the final text with the variables substituted in. As you progress in your programming expertise, you can integrate the use of Natural Language Processing libraries such as NLTK or Spacy to check if the input from the user falls within the boundaries of your requirements. 

Python Project for Snake Game

We all remember the game ‘Snake’ that we played on our first handphones. Now, you can program your very own ‘Snake’ game using Python. Using the ‘Pygame’ library, you will be able to build a simple game of ‘Snake’ by taking in keyboard input from users and using ‘while’ loops and if/else statements to fulfil the game’s requirements. Furthermore, this would be a good way to understand how you can make use of Python libraries and their functionalities. 

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Hopefully, this list has given you some inspiration for your own python projects. If you have any ideas of your own to add, we’d love to hear them! Add your ideas in the comments below, and help all the other designers out there by letting them know what kinds of projects they can build. If you are interested in picking up Python programming skills, get started now! Sign up for our Data Science Course at one of our available slots! This Python course is taught directly by expert data scientists in Singapore. Feel free as well to check our alumni’s capstone projects.

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