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We all have heard it, “the beginning is always the hardest”, whether you’re onto your first ever website building project or it’s your nth time doing so, finding inspiration or ideas to start with can be difficult. We understand this struggle too and hence curated 5 UX/UI inspiration sites for you to seek ideas from. 

  1. UI Movement

Started as a newsletter for daily UI inspirations, the community has grown to nearly 30,000 subscribers today. It showcases designs not only of apps but as specific as individual buttons, chatbots and even error handling pages. The movement is unique on its own as with each new design tagged, you can easily find your desired element according to its popularity. So if you’re looking for a day to day curated list, UI movement will be able to provide that daily spark of inspiration. 

  1. Site Inspire 

SiteInspire caters to a wide range of designs with over 7,000 different samples varying from style to style. You are now able to sieve through your options by filtering down to specific sites and subjects that relates to your business. For example, if you are looking to build a website with a fun style for a cafe (type) with visuals of food and drinks (subject), Site Inspire will narrow down inspirations containing these specific requirements. Unlike most UX/UI curation sites that feature both web and app designs, Site Inspire targets only web designs. 

  1. UX Planet 

If it’s your first dive into the world of UX design, this site will not only provide you with inspirations but tips on how to create a smooth design flow for your customers. Hosted by Medium – a platform for passionate subject writers to share about their experiences, thoughts and tricks on their area of expertise. In this case, Medium created UX Planet for designers like you and I. With a small fee of US$5/month, you are able to access unlimited articles showcasing informative articles and curated works for you to seek inspiration from. Most of these works are specific portfolios for a featured function, however, fret not, in each article, links of these portfolios are shown so that you can view further into the overall design. 

  1. Webdesign Inspiration

With a mission to locate and showcase the best design inspirations, this website curates ideas from world-class agencies and web designers from all over the globe. Designs are carefully handpicked by their  graphic designer, it varies from tech to even individual portfolio designs. Aside from the wide range of inspirations, they provide WordPress themes for you to purchase with an average pricing of $72-$85 US dollars. If you intend to have a headstart in design, templates can be useful in forming the basic wireframes and less time needed to spend on creating one. Alternatively, if you are looking for templates at zero cost, you may turn to WordPress free themes for references. 

  1. Dribble 

If you are someone who has uploaded an online portfolio, you might have heard of Dribble when you are considering which platform to do it on. Aside from its large community of creatives, Dribble is known to have designers who were part of big projects from companies like Airbnb, Facebook, Google and so on. This makes it a great platform to get ideas and be inspired by the works of these designers. You can also use this opportunity to tap into other forms of design as well. 

So there you have it! 5 UX/UI websites for you to be inspired. Now the next step is to work on the actual design. Want to figure out how to do your own UX/UI site? Register for our own UX/UI Bootcamp today!