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How SQL Can Help With Your Future Data Analytics Career

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Blogs | 0 comments

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a programming language used to program interactions with databases. SQL can be used across many business areas, like sales, finance and marketing analytics. SQL is frequently used in data analytics, which is just one of many reasons why you should take an SQL course in Singapore.

Is SQL important for a data analyst?

SQL is a key part of data analytics. It enables data analysts to execute SQL queries to efficiently retrieve data from relational databases. This makes SQL the ideal tool for businesses that have multiple databases storing different types of data. With SQL, a data analyst can manipulate large volumes of data with simple queries in seconds.

SQL is also frequently used in conjunction with other programming languages or frameworks like Python, R and Java. SQL allows businesses to connect their front-end user systems to back-end storage. This accessible integration and ability to work with big data means that SQL is used across all industries. 

Despite being around for almost 50 years, SQL remains as the most in-demand programming language for data scientists regardless of experience. SQL works well in pulling and analysing data into other languages for analysis. Therefore, it is important for aspiring data analysts to learn SQL, even with existing coding knowledge. More senior data analysts should also undergo advanced SQL training to improve their knowledge for experienced roles.

What is the future of SQL?

Learning SQL can establish your data analytics career, with most big tech companies using SQL to perform queries and analysis. With the digitalisation of businesses, the amount of data they collect and use is growing, expanding the use of SQL. With this volume of big data, SQL can quickly pull important information, increasing the efficiency of using this data. SQL is necessary to organise and analyse this data, often used together with other languages like Python and R. SQL can then analyse this data to generate models for different data sets by determining trends or patterns.

A modern example of this is with machine learning (ML), where SQL can run ML algorithms and build predictive models. From this, it is clear that SQL is still highly relevant for today’s data analysts.

How to learn SQL from home

SQL is an ideal skill to learn from home, with SQL training online available for aspiring data analysts. The language is user-friendly, using simple language in queries, compared to programming languages that rely heavily on memorising specific functions.

You can learn SQL from home with SQL programming training in Singapore available for mid-career switchers. These online courses are available during weekends to upskill in your own time, without disrupting your career.

Vertical Institute offers SQL in its data analysis course, teaching Excel, Tableau and SQL to learners across all skill and experience levels. Completion of this SQL certification training earns graduates an accredited Data Analytics Certification to enhance their career and employability. 

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