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Two-thirds of the world’s population is connected with a mobile device (That’s more than 5 billion unique mobile subscribers!) This means that using mobile apps for everything from shopping to getting a ride, scheduling appointments and more has become commonplace. This year 2021 – because the pandemic is still here –  it’s completely justified for video conferencing, delivery, remote education and media streaming mobile apps to continue to dominate the mobile landscape. With the benefits that mobile applications provide, we will discuss how mobile app development plays a significant role in today’s industries.


Primary uses of mobile apps are to inform patients and healthcare professionals about preventive healthcare measures, treatment support, tracking the progress being made and assisting in clinical trials.

  • Boon for Remote Areas: Patients who live in remote areas leverage on the benefits of telemedicine and online consulting using healthcare apps.
  • Support for Healthcare Professionals: Doctors and medical staff can securely get the patient’s information (laboratory tests etc.). Apps keep doctors updated with the real-time situation of the patient especially during an emergency/critical condition.
  • Explore New Horizons: Healthcare app brings automation in healthcare services which facilitates improved patient care services. With this, healthcare service providers can grab new opportunities in the healthcare and fitness sector.

In a nutshell, a feature-rich healthcare app can assist an organization to transform all its healthcare services.


Learning is a continuous process and the focus has now shifted to eLearning.

  • New learning methods: Fun games available on mobile applications help students understand things from a different perspective.
  • Communication between Students and Institution: School communication apps make information more accessible to every student, e.g. new schedules, different forums and social school activities.
  • Online study: Library and book search apps allow students to search for appropriate study material more easily, helping them to segregate studying materials over the web.


Market competition has forced the retail industry to consider the importance of having their own retail apps. These apps take them closer to users, thus helping to fulfill customers’ needs and provides more brand recognition for the business.

  • Smooth shopping experience: Apps allow users to view products and services on their device. Customers are able to write reviews of the products which may attract new customers. And in the process, mobile apps help to send notification about offers and new arrivals to their existing customers.
  • Marketing strategy: Users are eagerly waiting for quick updates for their favourite product and services – with mobile apps, retailers are able to reach out to their target audience quickly.

As we have seen in this article, mobile application is revolutionizing every business and industry – irrespective of its size and target audience. So, if you are planning to start your business or wish to expand an already existing organization, look ahead to invest in mobile application development.

Credit: https://www.suriainternational.com/how-mobile-app-development-benefits-healthcare-sector-2/



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