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How to Choose the Best Training Courses in Singapore

by | Jul 4, 2023 | Blogs

The job market is one tough pickle to navigate. It requires you to adapt with the rapid change in skill demands to make yourself an asset to prospective employers. But with demands, comes supply. Thousands of training course providers are stepping in with many available online courses to help individuals upskill/reskill.

But with the vast catalogue of courses on google, there is a challenge of finding the best course to utilise SkillsFuture credits efficiently. Like most, you would want to make the most out of your time in the lesson.

We will be guiding you throughout to make informed choices with your course selection and make your journey smooth.

Exploring Online Courses

Adding on the training course surge is the rise in online learning platforms in recent years. Convenience has been the central part of the conversation among training providers with options of classes being conducted online.

However, with too many providers in the market, course/school selection may still be tough by selecting the right training course at the right school.

Checklist for Your Next Training Course

Here are crucial pointers on how to carefully select your next course to put your skillsfuture credits to good use.

Ascertain goals: Find out about the industry you’re heading into and what the schools are willing to offer in accordance to your objectives.

Certificate check: It’s one thing to graduate, but you don’t want to graduate with a certificate that’s not recognised in the market. Study the credibility and reputation of the institute with instructor/lecturer profiles.

Course Structure Check: You want a comprehensive and well thought out course. Read up on how the course will be conducted and how the structure

Testimonial Check: Hear from alumni, read up on testimonials and reviews of previous students to find out about the experience of their learning journey.

When in doubt: Be in contact with the training provider, hear from the team personally to clear any doubts you have to ensure you’ll be signing up for the perfect learning experience.

Best Training Courses For Future-proofing Your Career

Best training Courses

At Vertical Institute, we’re meeting the demands of the job market by offering tech training courses to make for a valuable learning experience. If you’re into Tech, we got your back.

1. Data Analytics Bootcamp

In Singapore, Data Analytics has become an essential component for businesses, and acquiring the skills to effectively utilise data for vital business decisions is vital to thrive in the current business landscape.

Explore our Data Analytics course to gain expertise in industry-standard tools such as Excel, SQL, and Tableau, enabling you to analyse large datasets, create insightful dashboards, and generate visualisations to effectively communicate your findings.

2. Advanced Data Analytics Bootcamp

Go one step higher with Advanced Data Analytics. Companies now value skilled data analysts, transforming data-driven decision-making. With advanced analytical tool expertise, these analysts are essential. In our bootcamp, we arm you with required skills, including mastery of Excel, SQL, and Tableau operations. These skills enable you to convert complex data into actionable insights. Consequently, companies leverage your skills for competitive advantage in our data-centric business world.

3. Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Digital Marketing has become an essential component for every organisation’s success. In this environment, thriving demands mastering digital marketing strategies. They significantly enhance business performance.

Our intensive bootcamp delivers a rich skill-set including SEO, SEM, and paid social strategies. You’ll master platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, alongside email marketing, and more. After course completion, implementing potent digital marketing strategies becomes second nature. Thus, you can transform your organisation or explore a fulfilling digital marketing career.

4. UX design Bootcamp

A strong online presence is necessary for organisations across various industries in today’s business landscape. It requires a development of visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for businesses to enhance customer satisfaction and retention. As a result, the demand for UI/UX Design skills has skyrocketed in Singapore.

Enter a world of new career opportunities by enrolling in our top-rated User Experience Design course. This in-depth program equips you with necessary skills, paving the way for creating intuitive digital experiences. Through a mix of creative thinking and data-driven research, you can master user journey design.

5. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Bootcamp

Welcome to the blockchain revolution. Undeniably, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are transforming financial services. Reshaping transactional practices across sectors, they’re gradually becoming integral to our daily lives. As digital transformation continues to accelerate, it becomes vital to acquire a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and its implications.

Delve into the intricacies of blockchain technology and explore its applications across diverse industries with us. Through hands-on learning, you will develop expertise in implementing blockchain solutions and gain insights into the dynamic cryptocurrency market. Get ready to enrich your knowledge of blockchain. This expertise will enhance your adaptability to technological advancements, enabling you to flourish in the digital age.

6. Cybersecurity Bootcamp

As Singapore drives forward with digitalisation, the rise in cybercrimes has created a growing demand for cybersecurity professionals. This industry is highly regarded today, offering a rewarding career with a competitive salary advantage over your peers.

This comprehensive bootcamp will offer a learning experience like no other. Acquire crucial skills necessary to identify and respond swiftly to emerging security threats and risks. After finishing the course, you’ll understand industry-leading practices. Top organisations use these strategies to effectively protect against potential cyber attacks. Take our cybersecurity course today!

Choose Vertical Institute for Your Next Training

We don’t cut corners in education.Our comprehensive course structures expertly fill all gaps. They offer enlightening lectures, prompt engaging discussions, and present practical assignments. Then, a capstone project solidifies your learnings.

Background does not matter with our beginner-friendly courses, catering to learners of all levels.

Your progress matters to us. With personalised feedback and support through 1-to-1 consultations with dedicated instructors, we’re dedicated to ensure you achieve your best.

Additionally, our large VI community allows you to establish networks and connections with alumni, instructors, and industry experts. After completion, our commitment to support you persists. We ensure this through career aid from industry partners and various internship opportunities. From start to finish, we’re here for you.

Financial Support for Training Courses

Here are the available course subsidies at Vertical Institute that can significantly aid in offsetting your training costs in Singapore:

IBF Standards Training Scheme

IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS) is dedicated to supporting your professional growth. They offer subsidies for training and assessment programs accredited under the Skills Framework for Financial Services and make these programs more accessible for everyone. With this program, you can benefit from subsidies and seize the opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in Tech.


The Union Training Assistance Program (UTAP) empowers NTUC members in lifelong learning. UTAP covers the cost of training and encourages NTUC members to embrace upskilling and reskilling for individuals to equip themselves with in-demand skills. Embrace this chance to enhance your career prospects and achieve your professional goals.

SkillsFuture Funding Support

SkillsFuture Funding Support is a Singaporean government initiative designed to promote lifelong learning by providing financial support for skills enhancement. This funding scheme is available to all Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents, regardless of their age or educational background. It offers an extensive array of subsidised courses across various sectors and disciplines. With this support, individuals can undertake training programs to upskill, reskill, or broaden their knowledge base for career progression. Its primary objective is to foster a culture of continuous learning and support the nation’s journey towards becoming a highly skilled and versatile workforce.

Consider These Before Applying for Our Courses

Choosing the right training course sounds daunting, but with us, we’ll ensure it becomes a breeze. Hear from Jason, an alumni of Vertical Institute,

“I just completed Vertical Institute Data Science course. The trainer and training assistants are very proactive. I benefited alot from the course. I am very very glad to have the opportunity to take this course that provide me the basic foundation of machine learning. The course content are very well written, neat and the trainer spent alot of time going through the coding with us. I strongly recommend this course. Its certainly value for money !”

Unleash your fullest potential and embark on your next course at VI where your learning journey becomes straightforward, starting from course selection to graduation.

About Vertical Institute

Vertical Institute prepares individuals for the jobs of tomorrow. We specialise in teaching in-demand skills, building the next generation of changemakers and inventors through our world-class tech courses and certifications. 

Singaporeans and PRs can receive up to 70% IBF Funding off their course fees with Vertical Institute. The remaining fees can be claimable with SkillsFuture Credits or NTUC UTAP funding.

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