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Take The Quiz: What Career Is Right For Me?

by | Nov 17, 2023

Everybody has those thoughts where you start to wonder what career is right for you. In fact, from a young age we were often asked what we wanted to be when we grew up, and yet even when we got older, we were still uncertain about what we wanted to pursue even though we were already thinking about it probably since the age of 10.

Just like how everybody has different personalities, we all have different skills, interests and passions. Just because someone you’re close with has an artistic eye, doesn’t mean you have to have it too, maybe you only know how to draw stickmans but you have an eye for data.

Well, this is what the quiz is for, it is designed to find out more about your interests and goals, so that we can guide you in finding out what career is right for you. Who knows? Maybe after reading this and finishing the quiz, you’d get the push you needed to take that leap of faith and pursue something that is meant for you.

In this blog, we will also discover and discuss more on common questions that you might ask yourself when thinking about your careers:

1. Should I do a career switch?

2. What career is right for me?

  • Understanding your interests and values
  • Playing to your strengths
  • Singapore market trend
  • Preparing for the future
  • Building professional relationships

3.  How do I start?

  • Skills required
  • Leverage on government initiatives
  • Gain experience
  • Create a resume that stands out
  • Be confident

How Do I Know If I Should Go for a Career Switch?

Change is always daunting, especially when it comes to your career where the decision comes with a lot of excitement and doubts. In a country like Singapore where new industries are always emerging while old ones are evolving, many have considered a career change, but how do you truly know when you’re ready for it?

You can start by reflecting on your current role: Does it make you feel fulfilled? Does your job align with your personal and professional goals? Do you feel like you’re motivated and challenged or do you feel like you’re becoming stagnant and work is starting to feel like a chore as compared to when you first started?

Making a career switch requires a balanced consideration of personal desires and practicality. If you find that the scales tip towards a need for growth, challenge, and renewed passion in your professional life, then perhaps you are ready for this new adventure.

What Career Is Right for Me?

What Career Is Right For Me?

Singapore has many career opportunities across a multitude of industries. Yet, such a wide range of options often leads to the daunting question: “What career is right for me?” This is not just about matching jobs to skills – it’s about aligning your profession with your passions, lifestyle, and long-term aspirations. Here’s how you can navigate through Singapore’s vibrant job market to discover a career that feels like a match made in heaven.

Understanding your interests and values

The journey to discovering the right career starts with self-reflection. What ignites your passion? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment or do you prefer the methodical research and development culture? Understanding what you value in work and life is foundational to making this pivotal decision.

Playing to your strengths

Take a look at your skills and competencies. Are you a tech wizard, a creative thinker, or a strategic problem solver? Singapore’s economy is ripe for those who can leverage their strengths. From the creative fields to the startup culture, there’s a niche for every skill set.

Singapore market trend

Singapore is a global hub for technology, so aligning your career choice with the nation’s economic drivers not only increases your chances of success but also contributes to the nation’s vision. Whether it’s fintech, artificial intelligence, or designing, choosing a career in a growth industry can offer stability and opportunity for advancement.

Preparing for the future

Singapore is a nation that invests in its people. With world-class institutions and a strong emphasis on professional development, the resources available for education and training are plentiful. There are many companies that offer a range of courses that can help you upskill or reskill, ensuring you’re equipped for the career you desire.

Building professional relationships

Just like how you would ask your friends for their advice and opinions on your personal life when you need help, one of the best ways to understand what career might suit you is to network. Attend industry seminars, engage in online forums, and reach out to professionals in fields you’re interested in. Mentorship is also invaluable, offering insights and advice from those who have navigated their own career paths successfully.

How Do I Start?

So now, the big question, how should you start? Understandably, embarking on a new career is not as easy as choosing what you should have for your next meal, and it can feel overwhelming at times. But fret not – because whether you are a fresh graduate or looking to do a mid-career switch, this guide will help you on how you can start.

Skills required

Singapore’s economy rewards those who are at the top of their game. Assess the skills that are needed for the career you aspire to be and find ways to develop them. This ensures that you stay relevant and have the practical skills needed for the job.

Leverage on government initiatives

The Singaporean government offers various initiatives to support career development, such as SkillsFuture credits and professional conversion programmes. If you don’t use them, it would just go to waste so take advantage of these resources to ease your transition into a new field.

Gain experience

Practical experience is invaluable. Consider internships, volunteer work, or project collaborations. This not only builds your resume but also gives you a clearer sense of whether a particular career path is the right fit for you.

Create a resume that stands out

Your resume is often the first impression you make on potential employers. Tailor your resume to highlight relevant skills and experiences that align with the job you’re aiming for. A well-crafted resume can make you stand out in a sea of applicants which gives you one foot in the door.

Be confident

Like what we’ve heard before, “Confidence is Key”. The journey to a new career can be challenging, and you might get rejected along the way, but be confident in yourself and what you can bring to the table. Your employers can tell when you’re confident in what you can do for the company, if they can tell you don’t even have confidence in yourself, why should they have confidence in you?

Make a Change and discover the right career for you

Beginning a new career in Singapore requires a blend of self-awareness, skill development, and network building. While the path may not always be straightforward, the rewards of pursuing a career that aligns with your skills and passions is indescribable.

Remember, the best time to start is now, and with resources like those offered by Vertical Institute where you can learn in-demand tech skills with up to 70% course subsidy, you’re never alone on this journey. So take that first step, and let Singapore’s vibrant economy be your playground for success.

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