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Why Is Github Important For A Data Scientist?

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Blogs | 0 comments

Github is one of the first industry-specific terms someone learning programming would come across, and it is also one of the terms that will stay relevant to a programmer throughout their career. If you are looking to become a data scientist with robust programming skills, Github would be a highly useful tool. 

What exactly is Github? 

Without going into too much technical detail, Github.com allows for users to store and track changes on their projects. Furthermore, they can also collaborate on their projects with other users. While it is usually used for software development projects, it can really be used for managing any type of project. 

Now what makes Github so useful to a Data Scientist? 

If you are someone who is still picking up a particular programming language, Github can be really great as a source of help as well as inspiration. If you are stuck at a certain step, chances are there are a few public repositories published by fellow programmers aiming to accomplish very similar tasks. Examining others’ code repositories can help you overcome your programming obstacles as well as get inspiration for your own spin-off projects. 

Additionally, regularly utilizing Github as a way of tracking your project is a good way to develop better coding hygiene. When using Github, it helps you track your changes meaningfully and have an order to the progress of your work that will make it easier for you to refer back to down the line. With complex projects involving multiple people, it helps with collaborating more cohesively. 

Lastly, Github can be a great platform for advertising oneself. Contributing to open-source projects and publishing your unique projects on Github can help you showcase your programming skills and could attract exciting opportunities your way!

Looking for a data scientist or data analyst job in Singapore? Having a portfolio on Github is a must-have!

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