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Why Start A Data Science Career?

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

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If you are in Singapore and looking to switch career path, then data science is the way forward. Undeniably, data science is everywhere now and it has made life easier for people by providing them with new ways to solve their problems. For example, if you own a business then your business will certainly benefit from using big data analytics tools. But how do you go about it? That’s what this article is for.

A career switch in data science could be one of the most rewarding in the market right now. Here are 5 practical reasons why you should kickstart your data science career in Singapore:

High Demand for Data Scientists

A cursory look at any job listing website will tell you that careers in data science are in high demand now. In fact, nearly 50% of employer respondents to the 2021. Randstad Tech Talent Expectations Survey said that data science is one of the top tech specialisations that they are looking out for. Furthermore, it is projected that data science and analytics will create roughly 11.5 million more jobs by 2026.

Great Networking Opportunities

The Data scientists bring value to companies by providing data-derived insights to business problems. Since they are involved in solving overarching business problems that companies face, they have ample opportunity to work closely with high-level executives and build highly beneficial connections. 

Great Asset to Businesses

Internet users generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. This is just a subset of the amount of information that could be harnessed to innovate and streamline business operations. Arguably, as part of Industry 4.0, data is the most valuable asset that businesses have. Every data scientists play a crucial role as a strategic partner and trusted advisor to management on how data could be best utilised. 

Furthermore, by working closely with data in different industries, data scientists will be able to build up domain knowledge which could improve their exit opportunities. 

Opportunity for Remote Work

For those who have become accustomed to working from home over the pandemic, a career in data science is an excellent opportunity. This is one career where there is no shortage of tools and platforms that will enable you to excel even without a physical office space. 

Work in a Quickly Evolving Fast-Paced Field

Due to the large volume of data that presents itself in different ways. There are many applications of data science that are utilized to make use of data in different ways for various problems. New emerging fields in data science such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation and Blockchain. These could have many different exciting applications. Data science is one field in which those who love self-improvement can expect  to find many opportunities for life-long learning. 

Data Science Career in Singapore

As a new type of employment opportunity, gives individuals an opportunity to build a career that is relatively new. Data Science job is relatively new but has garnered a lot of interest because employers are in need of workers who can analyze various types of data and support the overall business operation. Data science job opportunities are all over the map, including insurance companies, ecommerce companies and even manufacturing firms. The income level varies based on the industry; however, data scientists who work in high-tech companies can earn up to $160,000 annually.

If you feel that these are compelling reasons for starting on a data science career, get started now!

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