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Corporate Training

Empowering you with tomorrow’s most in-demand skills

The demand for infocomm technology (ICT) professionals in Singapore is rising every day with a projected increase of 28,500 more from 2018 to 2020 according to the Annual Survey on Infocomm Media Manpower 2018, but there is a shortage of talent suited for these emerging roles in areas such as cybersecurity, data and user experience design. We believe that every individual should upskill themselves for greater opportunities.

Rapid digitalization of the global economy is impacting current workforce demands, and as more jobs in the ICT industry are created and redesigned, the workforce will need to upskill and reskill to keep up. We help our individuals and professionals stay relevant and capable by equipping them with the right skills and knowledge for the new digital economy.

Transformation in the right verticals

Data science, analytics, and cybersecurity are the fundamental pillars of the fast-evolving ICT sector, encompassing some of the most in-demand jobs in tech right now that are likely to evolve even further. We develop our students to take on these coveted roles with our suite of courses in technology various tech verticals, giving them a head start for a promising career in tech.

Industry practitioners as instructors

Our network of instructors instructors are industry practitioners and consultants who bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom each day, providing invaluable insights into succeeding on the job. 

We are committed to providing personalised feedback and support to help you gain confidence with key concepts and tools.