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Data Analytics Training

Singapore – 1 or 2 day enterprise training (online)

Data Analytics 


Singapore – 1 or 2 day enterprise training (online)

Why is Data Analytics training important?

Data is now an integral part of every business. To thrive in today’s business landscape, it is crucial to learn how to leverage data to make critical business decisions. This introductory course will provide participants with the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities to extract, transform, analyse and model data.

Learn how to use industry tools: Excel, SQL, Tableau and more to analyse large real-world data sets and create data dashboards and visualisations to share your findings. Join the data conversation and see how data analytics drives decision making across industries.

Course Details

Vertical Institute’s Data Analytics workshop can be fully tailored tailored according to your learning objectives and training needs analysis.

The workshop is designed by industry practitioners with the aim to equip individuals with the latest knowledge and best practices in data analytics. Participants will be able to implement contemporary techniques, dynamic visual displays with illustrative and interactive graphics to present patterns, trends, analytical insights from data or new concepts in a strategic manner for the intended audience. Our pedagogy is practical and hands-on with in-class case studies. 

Who is this for?

This programme is for all managers, analysts, professionals, executives and support staff involved in data collection, analysis and presentation in an organisation.

We customise training curriculums in:

Microsoft Excel

Learn how to organise, analyse and calculate your data using Microsoft Excel. A spreadsheet software that aids you in your data preparation using commends such as Min, Max and their conditional variants.

Microsoft Power BI

Learn to create smooth and interactive data experiences with Microsoft Power BI. A data visualisation tool that allows you to connect disparate data from various sources into one platform.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language, also pronounced as “sequel” or in acronym form as all three letters. It is a standard programming language in helping you to manipulate and manage your database.


A combination of visual and data in one software – Tableau. With complex information and numbers, Tableau provides a solution in bridging datasets to visualisation tools that will help in showcasing your data better.


Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development, as well as for use as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components together.

Python’s simple, easy to learn syntax emphasizes readability and therefore reduces the cost of program maintenance. Python supports modules and packages, which encourages program modularity and code reuse. The Python interpreter and the extensive standard library are available in source or binary form without charge for all major platforms, and can be freely distributed.


Hong Lin

Hong Lin

Honglin is the Head of Business Intelligence at Ant Financial.

As a lifelong data expert, he previously enjoyed working stints at Apple, DBS Singapore and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). He was also a past data analytics instructor at General Assembly.

Honglin graduated with a Masters in Knowledge Management and Bachelors in Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.



Clarence is a data analyst at OCBC Bank.

As an analytics and tech enthusiast, he has done projects in front-end development, automation and analytics projects during his time in IBM, Standard Chartered Bank and OCBC Bank. He also taught data analytics at General Assembly.

Clarence graduated with a Masters in IT in Business (Analytics) and Bachelor of Accountancy from SMU. He often mentor students about    careers in the tech industry during his free time.

Course Pricing & Schedule

Please email or call us for pricing and schedule. We tailor the programme according to your business schedule and intended audience.

Mode of Delivery

This programme will be conducted online, done face-to-face online with our instructional team, which consists of our main Instructor and 2-3 teaching assistants. The choice of video call platform will be based on client preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are data analytics skills relevant today?

By 2028, 20% of Singapore’s full-time equivalent workforce will have their jobs displaced by technology. With digital disruption comes the need for workers with corresponding digital skills, and data analytics is at the forefront of this change. The ability to manipulate data to make critical decisions across all industries and professions is key to staying relevant in our increasingly data-driven world.

The relevance of data analytics skills is also evident in its employer demand. The introduction of data analytics into its operations saved DBS 600,000 man-hours while boosting recruitment, staff productivity and reducing attrition rates. Experts have predicted that about 11.5 million data job openings will be created by 2026, and the need for data-driven decision makers and functional analysts will be most acute.

Q. Is there a certificate granted at the end of the course?

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a digital certificate by Vertical Institute. VI alumni use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to employers and their LinkedIn network.

Our cybersecurity course is well-regarded by top companies, who contribute to our curriculum and use our courses to train their own teams.

What Our Students Say

Amazing curriculum, very knowledgeable instructors and friendly learning environment. Vertical Institute makes learning fun, engaging and manageable. The team was also patient and responsive!

Bryan Ong

Credit Suisse

From the content to conduct, Vertical Institute is a great place to learn and network for those looking for a proven place to cultivate their skill set.

Gabriel Choong


It was exciting how the instructional team kept us engaged throughout the entire session through quizzes, writing codes and guiding us to think creatively without “spoon-feeding” us.

S. Sacchi


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Upskill yourself today