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De Sheng Cybersecurity Alumni - Vertical Institute

De Sheng

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Alumni

It is an informative course and I have learnt valuable skills from it

Meet De Sheng

What led you to choose Vertical Institute?

I have scrolled through a few other cybersecurity programmes but I think that Vertical Institute’s was more comprehensive and more detailed, about the topics they’ll be covering and I believe cybersecurity will be a growing market in the near future so I thought it will be interesting to sign up.

How would you describe your overall learning experience?

I believe it quite flexible and and comfortable with my working schedule, because I usually work long hours,

What is the most significant takeaway from your Data Analytics bootcamp experience?

The biggest takeaway I believe it would be knowing better about the cybersecurity industry and also the topics that they’ll be covering and how important it is to have some knowledge about that so you can prevent any cybernetic attacks and have more knowledge and you can help others also.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering to up-skill?

I believe it will be good to pick it up take the first step forward and I would say go for that industry and actually improve yourself.

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