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Vertical Institute Divider Alumni Success Stories

Alumni Success Stories

We find continuous inspiration and motivation in witnessing our students’ achievements, and it is truly an honour for us to contribute to their remarkable success stories

Get to know their experience and success stories

Icon De Sheng

De Sheng

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Yoseph


Data Analytics Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Celine


UX Design Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Charlene


Digital Marketing Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Marcella


Data Analytics Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Ruby


Digital Marketing Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Amanda


UX Design Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Andrew


Digital Marketing Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Desiree Ong

Desiree Ong

UX Design Bootcamp Alumni

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Cybersecurity Bootcamp Alumni

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Cybersecurity Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Calvin


Cybersecurity Bootcamp Alumni

Joined the UX Design course with zero experience.

Lecturer were very knowledgeable and experienced and shared every single knowledge there is to know about UX Design. Lesson contents were very well suited for beginners like myself and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in taking up the course!

They also make you do Capstone Project so as to help you get a head start when it comes to looking for jobs.

A pleasant journey so far and looking to dive into other courses provided by VI.

Thoroughly enjoyed the UX Design Bootcamp! Wasn’t aware of the multiple processes designers had to run through before the end product and I thought it was a great entry level course for those interested in the UI/UX experience.

“I recently enrolled in the Vertical Institute UX Bootcamp. The bootcamp was comprehensive and I learnt about the fundamentals of UX during the bootcamp. The pace of the programme was steady, facilitating ease of learning.

The capstone project was an enjoyable learning experience, providing us with the opportunity to develop our UX portfolio and explore ideas – be it within UI, strategy, etc.
I strongly recommend the course!”

The 3 weeks bootcamp in UX design conducted by Vertical Institute was certainly eye opening. It was robust and comprehensive while being relatively easy to follow. The bootcamp has boosted my educational credentials and it is an course that I would strongly encourage anyone who wishes to upskill that is a reasonable timeframe and sufficiently rigorous.

Great environment for newbies to learn Cybersecurity:) Enjoyed my lessons here as they were clear and easy to understand. This was only made possible with the help of their courteous TAs and instructors who were patient and willing to guide you. Thank you!

Wonderful learning experience at the Vertical Institute for Cybersecurity. The material was conveyed in an approachable way, and instructors and teaching assistants (TAs) were very accommodating and quick to respond to any queries. Would recommend those who want to learn CS but don’t have any experience, like I did, to do so!

Great learning experience!!! Really good pace for someone who has close to 0 background knowledge in Cybersecurity. Instructor George was clear and made sure that everyone understood what was going on. Students are given weekly homework to put what they have learned into practice. I would highly recommend Vertical Institute if you’re interested in learning CS!

The online bootcamp was very simple to follow and quite fascinating, especially for newcomers. Instructors and teaching helpers provided excellent patient and helpful explanations of the material. Overall, I’m happy that I signed up for the Cybersecurity bootcamp at VI and really happy that I did.

PETER is a patient and experienced instructor. With a fantastic trainer, I’ve never been more satisfied to push myself above my comfort zone. The administrative crew follows up quickly and is also quite helpful. completely alter my viewpoint towards private institutions. Will surely return to VI to further my education if I have the time.

At Vertical Institute, instructors and teaching assistants were thrilled to assist students who were having trouble with the classes or the assigned homework. Since TAs will review the solutions following assignment submission, the assignments were also well-addressed. Highly recommend Vertical Institute to anyone who hopes to pick up Cybersecurity skills!
I’m grateful for the guidance and mentorship of LOI LiangYang, course instructors from AWS, who have been awesome in guiding us to a better understanding of Cybersecurity best practices and industry trends. This experience has not only broadened my technical capabilities but also deepened my commitment to ensure we secure our own digital environment. Thank you Vertical Institute for this incredible learning journey!!! Thank you to the awesome Admins of VI, and also to the learners of batch 22-Jul-2023 to 12-Aug-2023

The hands-on project was a game-changer, allowing me to tackle real-world data challenges. From analyzing trends to predicting customer behaviour, I’ve learned how data-driven insights power smart decision-making. 🌐💡 A huge shoutout to our amazing instructors at Vertical Institute for the support. 🙌🤝

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