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Job Placement Assistance

Vertical Institute offers Job Placement Assistance to graduates that have successfully completed any of our courses.

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What is the Jobs Placement Assistance?

The Job Placement Assistance (JPA) is an initiative led by Vertical Institute to connect alumni with hiring partners for industry and internship opportunities.

This initiative is completely free of charge.

Are job placements guaranteed?

No. Vertical Institute has a network of hiring partners that we work with to provide opportunities to our graduates, however, we do not guarantee any job placements after the course. Ultimately, the onus of landing a job placement falls on the individual student.

How do I opt in for the Job Placement Assistance?

Simply let our admissions team know that you are interested in the programme.

What are the details of each placement (remuneration, period, etc)?

This varies from company to company.

Vertical Institute is only involved in the initial link up of alumni and hiring partners. Subsequently, we are not involved in the discussions of details between alumni and hiring partners.

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