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Beginner-friendly Data Analysis Short Course in Singapore

Delve confidently into the realm of data analysis. Engage hands-on with industry-standard tools like Excel, SQL, and Tableau guided by Singapore’s leading data analysts.

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Our Data Analytics course graduates come from industry-leading companies.

Why is Data Analysis Essential in Today’s Business Landscape?

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Singapore’s business environment is evolving rapidly, with companies accumulating vast volumes of data every day. However, many professionals can’t tap into this data’s potential due to lack of data analytics skills. This disconnect risks missed career advancements and weakened business strategies.

The Data Analysis Short Course is tailored to arm you with the right analytics tools and insights, setting you apart in the job market. Dive into data analysis and unlock a prominent role in steering businesses towards success in the digital age.

“The data industry has seen rapid growth in Singapore, and the need for data management and interpretation has increased the demand for skilled professionals.”

Possible Career Pathways for Data Analytics:

Data Analyst
Head of Data
Data Quality Analyst
Business Intelligence Analyst
Quantitative Analyst
Market Research Analyst
Financial Analyst
Data Architect
Data Visualization Specialist
Reporting Analyst
Data Consultant

Data Analytics Course Details

Vertical Institute’s online data analysis short course offers newcomers an intensive exploration into the vital skills and forefront techniques of data analysis. With our adept guidance, learn to wield powerful tools like Excel, SQL, and Tableau. The course covers essential knowledge of big data, machine learning data, and how to interpret data for real-world challenges. Concluding your learning experience, you’ll work on a project that tackles a genuine business data dilemma, equipping you for a promising career in data analysis.

Class Details and Support

Vertical Institute

7 lessons, 3 hours each lesson

Vertical Institute

Online classes via Zoom

Vertical Institute

1 Instructor, 1-2 Teaching Assistants

Live Q&A sessions

Close mentorship and guidance from instructors

Weekly free consultation slots

Capstone project feedback from instructor

Out of class support from TAs and instructor

Why Choose Vertical Institute’s Short Data Analysis Course?

Vertical Institute


Embark on your data analysis journey with this short course, which is 100% beginner-friendly.

Vertical Institute

Professional Certificate

Acquire a recognised Data Analysis Certification in Singapore.

Vertical Institute

Expert-led Learning

Dive deep into the core of data analysis with engaging lectures, insightful discussions, and practical projects in the data analysis short course.

Vertical Institute

Personalised Feedback

Benefit from tailored feedback and dedicated support, thanks to our free 1-on-1 consultations with the expert instructional team.

Vertical Institute

Capstone Project

Utilise your newly-acquired skills to design a capstone project, addressing a genuine, real-world data challenge.

Vertical Institute

Community Benefits

Join the vibrant VI community, connecting with a network of alumni, instructors, and data analysis professionals.

Vertical Institute

Career Support

Access our dedicated career support, pairing you with ideal hiring partners who value the skills you've honed in the data analysis short course.

Vertical Institute

Hands-on Training

Hone your hands-on expertise using the industry's leading tools, ensuring you're well-equipped for a future in data analysis.

Data Analytics Course Curriculum

Acquire the fundamental skills in Data Analytics with our comprehensive and hands-on curriculum.


As a VI student, you will be given access to online learning materials in our e-learning portal.

To get you ready for learning, this essential pre-work will familiarise you with the basics of the key concepts and tools we will be using throughout the course.

Although you will learn these topics remotely before you arrive in class, you won’t be far away from the resources of the VI community. Make use of our Telegram channel to leverage connections with students, alumni, instructors and experts. At the end of your pre-work, you’ll be ready for the fast pace on campus!

After the course, you can choose to participate in follow-up sessions with your instructor, either in a group and/or individually, included as part of the course fee.

Module 1: Data Analysis & Excel Fundamentals


  • Introduction To The Course
  • The Data Analysis Process
  • Introduction To Data Visualisation
    • Pre-attentive vs Attentive Processing
    • Good And Bad Visualisation Practices
  • Data Referencing, Aggregation And Analysis With Excel\
    • VLookup
    • Pivot Table
    • Pivot Chart

Module 2: Introduction to SQL & Databases


  • Introduction To SQL & Databases
  • Database Connection
  • SQL Syntax
  • SQL Aggregation Functions
    • Count, Sum, Group By, Having and Where

Module 3: SQL Fundamentals


  • Combining Data in SQL
    • JOIN Function
    • Inner, Outer, Left, Right and Full JOINS
    • UNION Function
  • Applying SQL Functions
    • String, Math & Date Functions
  • Using Logic In SQL
    • Conditional Expressions

Module 4: Data Visualisation Fundamentals


  • Introduction To Data Visualisation
  • Data Visualisation Tools In The Industry
  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Charts & Table Calculations
    • Bar Chart
    • Quick Table Calculations
    • Line Chart
    • Area Chart

Module 5: Data Analysis With Tableau


  • Data Analysis Techniques With Tableau
  • Segmentation Analysis
    • Groups, Sets
    • Difference between Groups & Sets
    • Combine Sets
    • Bins
  • Investment Scenario & What-If Analysis

Module 6: Dashboards & Storytelling With Tableau


  • Dashboard Creation & Storytelling
  • Investment Analysis Dashboard
  • Create Maps
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Table Calculations

Module 7: Advanced Tableau & Capstone Project


  • Advanced Analytics With Tableau
    • Data Blending
    • Scatter Plot Animation
    • Level Of Detail (LOD)
    • Tableau Server
  • Capstone Project Discussion

The Capstone Project

Participants will be required to address a data-related problem using a real-world dataset. You will acquire a real-world dataset, then prepare, clean, and analyse it to draw meaningful conclusions.

The individual open-book capstone project will culminate your learning by applying the new tools and concepts learnt to create a portfolio project that includes:

  • A summary of the data acquisition, cleaning, and parsing stages.
  • A clear visualisation or dashboard that displays insights both numerically and graphically.
  • A description of high-level insights and resulting actions that are relevant to key stakeholders.

View our alumni portfolio projects.

Course Fee & Government Subsidies

Upskill with ease, take course fees off your mind with government subsidies.

Vertical Institute
Vertical Institute

Pay even less or 0 cash with additional support 🎉

All Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above can use their SkillsFuture Credits to fully offset the remaining fees after funding.

In addition, NTUC members can utilize UTAP to offset 50% of remaining fees (capped up to $500 per year).

Data Analytics Course Schedules

Choose from our flexible course schedules outside working hours. We have timeslots available on weekday evenings or on weekends.

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Meet our Instructors

Learn Data Analytics live from industry experts for real-world insights.
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Data Analytics Course Reviews

Hear directly from students about their bootcamp experience.

Currently working at Amazon Web Services (AWS), this course has equipped me with Data Analytics skills needed for my tech career!

Marcella Tang


Job Placement Assistance

Vertical Institute offers Job Placement Assistance to graduates that have successfully completed any of our courses.

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What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics encompasses the systematic process of collecting, transforming, organising, analysing, and interpreting data to derive meaningful insights that enable enhanced decision-making. This intricate field employs a myriad of techniques and tools, necessitating that data analysts possess robust knowledge of statistics, machine learning, and predictive modeling. While data analytics stands as a potent resource for businesses, it is imperative to wield it ethically and responsibly.

Below are some of the salient benefits that data analytics can bestow upon businesses:

Enhanced Customer Service:

Data analytics allows businesses to discern customer trends and preferences, empowering them to refine and elevate their customer service initiatives.

Streamlined Operations:

Through data analytics, businesses can pinpoint areas ripe for improvement within their operations—whether that involves cost reduction or boosting efficiency.

Informed Strategic Decisions:

Data analytics aids businesses in making astute strategic decisions, such as recognising emerging market opportunities or evaluating the potential risks associated with launching a new product.

Competitive Edge:

Data analytics can furnish businesses with unique insights, granting them an edge over competitors who lack access to such valuable information.

“The rise of the digital economy will drive up the demand for tech jobs – among others, we will need data analysts, software developers, infrastructure architects, and cyber security engineers.”
– Manpower Minister Tan See Leng, 16 Dec 2021

Are there course fee subsidies available?

Yes, you can receive up to 70% funding support from The Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF) for our IBF-accredited programmes. The balance course fees (after subsidy) can be offset using your SkillsFuture Credits or NTUC UTAP funding.

The IBF Standards Training Scheme (“IBF-STS”) provides funding for training and assessment programmes accredited under the Skills Framework for Financial Services.

For our training programmes that are IBF-accredited, eligible Singaporeans & PRs may receive funding support under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subjected to all eligibility criteria being met.

For more information on the funding support, please visit: https://www.ibf.org.sg/home/for-individuals/skills-and-jobs-development/training-support/IBF-STS

Can I use SkillsFuture Credits to pay for the remaining course fee after funding?

Yes. For self-sponsored Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above, you can use your SkillsFuture Credit to offset the remaining course fees after IBF funding.

To check your SkillsFuture credit balance, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://myskillsfuture.gov.sg
  2. Click on ‘Submit SkillsFuture Credit Claims’
  3. Login with your SingPass
  4. Click on the arrow (>) at the top right hand corner. You will be able to see a drop-down list of your Available SkillsFuture Credits.
  5. Please note that our bootcamps are not eligible for “Additional SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career Support)’. You will only be able to use available credits from ‘SkillsFuture Credit’ and ‘One-off SkillsFuture Credit Top-Up’.

After you have registered for a course, a VI representative will reach out to guide you with the SkillsFuture Credits claim application.

Can NTUC Union members use UTAP to offset the remaining course fee after funding?

Yes, all our courses are eligible for Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) Funding. NTUC Union members can use UTAP to offset 50% of unfunded course fees (capped at $500 per year).

This claim must be done after completion of the course. Please refer to the UTAP FAQ for more information.

Can I use SkillsFuture Credits and UTAP at the same time?

Yes, you can utilise both at the same time. UTAP can only be applied after SFC has been applied.

For illustration purposes only:Vertical Institute SkiilsFuture Credits and UTAP

Am I eligible for IBF funding support?

The IBF funding support works on a nett fee model. This means that the subsidy is applied upfront, and you will only need to pay the balance course fees after the subsidy. For example, if you are eligible for 70% subsidy, you only need to pay the remaining 30% upfront.

To be eligible, you’ll have to meet the following prerequisites.

For Self-Sponsored:

All Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) that are physically based in Singapore and successfully complete the course will be eligible.

  • Be a Singaporean Citizen or PR based in Singapore
  • Minimum of 75% attendance (this means that you must attend at least 6 out of 7 lessons)
  • Pass the final assessment

Any balance course fees can be offset using your SkillsFuture Credits & NTUC UTAP funding.

For Company-Sponsored:

  • Be from Financial Institutions that are regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) (either licensed / exempted from licensing) or Fintech companies that are registered with the Singapore Fintech Association.
  • Be a Singaporean Citizen or PR physically based in Singapore
  • Minimum of 75% attendance (this means that you must attend at least 6 out of 7 lessons)
  • Pass the final assessment

Are there any pre-requisites for this course?

This program is suitable for beginners with no pre-requisites.

Is there a data analytics certificate granted at the end of the course?

Upon successful completion of this IBF-accredited course, participants will be awarded a data analytics certification recognised by employers in Singapore. VI alumni use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to employers and their LinkedIn network.

Our programmes are well-regarded by top companies, who contribute to our curriculum and use our courses to train their own teams.

      What is Tableau?

      Tableau is one of the most powerful and fastest growing data visualisation tools used in the Business Intelligence industry. It helps in simplifying raw data into easily understandable formats to derive actionable results. It is becoming one of the most useful tools for any business organisation. 

      It has an easy to use drag and drop interface to build beautiful visualisations easily and in a short amount of time.  Visit the Tableau Public Gallery to see beautiful real world projects by Tableau users.

          What is SQL?

          Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard and most widely used programming language for relational databases. It is used to manage and organise data in all sorts of systems in which various data relationships exist. SQL is a valuable programming language with strong career prospects.

              What softwares do I need to download?

              In the data analytics course, you will be learning 3 key industry tools: Excel, SQL and Tableau.

              The SQL portion will be web-server based, hence no installation is required. You will only need to download Tableau Public, which is free and easy to download.

              Your instructional team will guide you step-by-step on the installation process.

              What if I cannot attend a class?

              If you miss a lesson, you are allowed to attend a makeup class. This would be the corresponding class of another intake that same week, subject to availability. If you cannot make it for the makeup class, then you can simply watch the recorded lesson video.

              Your attendance is only counted if you attend a makeup class.

              Why are data analytics skills relevant today?

              ‘Singapore Tech Salaries May Soar Up to 30% in Two Years’ – The Straits Times, 2022

              As market competition stiffens, top organisations are turning to data analytics to identify new market opportunities and provide insights to make critical business decisions.

              To thrive in today’s business landscape, it is crucial to pick up industry tools such as Excel, SQL, and Tableau. Learn how to analyse and make insightful conclusions from raw data. Develop visualisation skills to create dashboards and effectively share your findings. 

              With data analytics skills, you will gain an in-demand and marketable skillset that can be applied to virtually any industry or profession.

              Kickstart a career in Data Analytics with the beginner-friendly Data Analytics Bootcamp by Vertical Institute. The course allocates 3-4 instructional team members per class to ensure dedicated peer and mentor support for your Data Science journey. You will graduate with an IBF-accredited Data Analytics certification, as well as a polished, portfolio-ready project to showcase your analytical and visualisation skills.

              How do I become a data analyst in Singapore?

              To become a data analyst in Singapore, you should consider enrolling in a reputable short data analysis course like the one offered by Vertical Institute. Such courses dive deep into the core of data analysis, offering hands-on training, engaging lectures, and practical projects. By completing the course, you can also take advantage of opportunities like 1-on-1 consultations with experts, access to a vibrant community of professionals, and dedicated career support.

              How much is a data analyst paid in Singapore?

              In the Singapore region, a Data Analyst’s median total compensation is estimated at SGD 13,000 monthly. The average base salary stands at SGD 5,000 per month, while the estimated additional pay, which can encompass elements like cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit-sharing, amounts to SGD 8,000 monthly. This data is drawn from Glassdoor’s proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and is rooted in salary details provided by our users. The “Most Likely Range” indicates the pay scale lying between the 25th and 75th percentiles for this profession.

              What benefits can I expect from a short data analysis course?

              A short data analysis course, especially from esteemed institutions like Vertical Institute, provides comprehensive insights into data analysis. You get to understand foundational concepts and engage in hands-on projects, receive individualised feedback, and become part of a thriving community. This course will set you on a trajectory for success in the data analysis domain.

              How can a short data analysis course enhance my career prospects?

              Such courses are tailored to equip participants with industry-relevant skills. By completing the course, you demonstrate your commitment to the field and proficiency with industry-standard tools to potential employers. Furthermore, many courses, like the one at Vertical Institute, offer dedicated career support and connections with hiring partners, making the transition to a data analyst role smoother.

              Is a short data analysis course suitable for beginners?

              Absolutely! A short data analysis course, like the one at Vertical Institute, is meticulously crafted for beginners. Through engaging lectures and hands-on projects, even those with no prior experience can grasp the essentials of data analysis, making it an ideal starting point for those new to the field.

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