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The Comprehensive Design System Checklist

Our Comprehensive Design System Checklist ensures that your design system is thorough, consistent, and effective across all projects. This checklist helps you cover all essential elements, ensuring a cohesive user experience. Consistency in design is crucial for creating a seamless user experience, and this checklist provides a structured approach to achieving that.


  • Inventory of design assets and components: Keep a detailed record of all design elements, from colours and typography to icons and buttons. An organised inventory ensures that all team members have access to the latest design resources, reducing duplication and inconsistencies.
  • Documentation guidelines for design elements: Ensure all components are well-documented, making it easier for your team to use and maintain them. Clear documentation helps maintain design consistency and allows for easier onboarding of new team members. By having comprehensive guidelines, you can ensure that all design elements are used correctly and consistently across all projects.
  • Accessibility compliance checks: Make sure your design system meets accessibility standards, providing a better experience for all users. Accessibility is a crucial aspect of modern web design, ensuring that your site is usable by people with disabilities. This checklist includes best practices and guidelines to help you create accessible designs that comply with standards like WCAG.
  • Version control and update logs: Track changes and updates to your design system to maintain consistency across projects. Version control helps manage updates and ensures that everyone on the team is working with the latest versions of design assets. By keeping detailed logs, you can track the evolution of your design system and make informed decisions about future changes.
  • Design system governance and maintenance tips: Follow best practices for managing and updating your design system to keep it relevant and effective. Governance includes defining roles and responsibilities, setting up review processes, and establishing guidelines for maintaining and updating the design system. By implementing a governance framework, you can ensure that your design system remains a valuable asset over time.

This checklist is essential for designers and teams looking to maintain a high standard of design across all their projects. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a consistent and user-friendly experience. A well-maintained design system not only improves efficiency but also enhances the overall quality of your products.

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