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Credit Card Default analysis

A Data Analytics Project by Abdul Rahim Bin Mohammad. This project aims to analyze and segregate credit loans based on the borrower's occupation, with a focus on minimizing the risk of loan default.
Sample Image Project
Sample Image Project

Project Summary

The primary objective of this project is to analyze and segregate credit loans based on the borrower’s occupation, with a focus on minimizing the risk of loan default.

The project is built on the premise that different occupations may exhibit distinct patterns of creditworthiness, and a thorough analysis of these patterns can lead to more effective risk management strategies.

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Abdul Rahim Bin Mohammad

Abdul Rahim Bin Mohammad

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Capstone Project and why is it important?

A Capstone Project is a grand finale of your learning journey, a chance to put your newfound knowledge into action in a practical, project-based setting! This is a significant component, especially for career switchers and tech enthusiasts.

This project allows you to apply your accumulated knowledge as you take the exciting leap into the tech field. Dive deep into a topic of your choice – be it crafting a software application, diving into data analysis, or sculpting a digital marketing strategy. It serves as a bridge between academic learning and professional application, showcasing your readiness to tackle real-world challenges in technology. The Capstone Project is your moment to shine, illustrating what you’ve learned and your potential for future growth and innovation in the tech industry.

How does the Capstone Project benefit students?

The Capstone Project brings a multitude of benefits to students, particularly in enhancing their employability and professional appeal. By completing this project, students create a tangible, showcase-worthy piece of work that can be a standout feature in their portfolios. This aspect is crucial, especially for those venturing into new careers or tech fields.

Is completing a Capstone Project required before I get certified?

Completing a Capstone Project is a mandatory step before receiving your certification. This requirement is crucial as it ensures that you have not only learned theoretical concepts but have also applied them in a practical, real-world context. The Capstone Project is a pivotal part of your academic journey and illustrates your ability to undertake significant projects, solve complex problems, and showcase your skills.Completing this project signifies your preparedness and competence in your field of study, making it an essential prerequisite for certification.

What benefits do students receive once they complete a VI course?

Upon successfully completing the course, Vertical Institute will provide students with a digital certificate as a testament to their achievement. Additionally, our alumni will also become a part of the vibrant VI community, gaining access to a network that builds connections with fellow students, alumni, instructors, and industry experts. This community offers valuable opportunities for networking, participation in events, and more.

What are the other in-demand courses offered at Vertical Institute?

Vertical Institute offers a variety of in-demand courses. Explore these exciting pathways and carve out a career in the tech industry.

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