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Calvin Cybersecurity Alumni - Vertical Institute


Cybersecurity Bootcamp Alumni

Yang is an awesome instructor. Glad to be able to learn from him

What made you decide to join our Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

My decision to join this Cybersecurity Bootcamp was an interest in the world of cybersecurity. I wanted to grasp the know-how of cybersecurity not just for myself but also to protect my family’s and my organisation. Plus, I’ve also got this goal of becoming a CISO in the future. Most likely 10-15 years down the road. I know it’s not easy, but I’m determined to get there. It’s all about continuous learning and getting experience in the cybersecurity field

How would you describe your experience at Vertical Institute?

My time at Vertical Institute has been very exciting. The instructor, Loi Liang Yang, is legit a pro who has been through it all. He’s knows how to grab your attention with practical examples and real-world scenarios. What really stood out for me was how much we focused on real-life situations. Besides the instructor’s knowledge and wisdom, our classmates also shared their own experiences, making it an awesome learning journey filled with various challenges

How has attending the Cybersecurity Bootcamp helped you in your career?

As an IT Project Manager, this bootcamp has broadened my sight. It has made me realise that sometimes we need to look way ahead into the future. Cybersecurity is not just about safeguarding data; it’s about preparing for what might come our way. One big impact has been on how we handle incidents. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the use of an incident response plans (IRPs). This knowledge has made it easier for me to work with my team and create a better Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to enter the Cybersecurity field?

What i want to say is, keep an open mind and never stop learning. Even if you think you’re an expert, there’s always more to discover. Different perspectives can shed new light on old problems

Who would you recommnend this Cybersecurity Bootcamp to?

100% recommendation of this bootcamp to my friends, especially those who want to level up their skills in protecting themselves and their families in the digital world. Also to recommend this to my colleagues and anyone else in my organisation. In short.. Never stop learning

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