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Best Tableau Courses in Singapore 2024

Master the fundamentals of Tableau in just 21 hours and future-proof your career through Vertical Institute’s Data Analytics Bootcamp.
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Overview of Tableau

Tableau is a leading software in data visualisation, which is crucial for professionals across all industries. It offers an intuitive platform for creating comprehensive dashboards, charts, and interactive reports, enabling users to make data-driven decisions efficiently. With its ability to integrate with numerous data sources, Tableau simplifies complex data analysis, making it an indispensable tool for analysts and business leaders. 

Gaining proficiency in Tableau boosts productivity and opens up many career opportunities by equipping learners with critical skills in today’s data-centric world.

The Benefits

Benefits of Taking Tableau Courses in Singapore in 2024

Enrolling in Tableau courses in Singapore in 2024 provides a competitive edge in the tech-driven job market, significantly enhancing career prospects.  It also empowers professionals to navigate the complexities of data efficiently, offering insights that drive innovation and operational excellence. As industries lean more toward data-driven strategies, gaining expertise in Tableau can set you apart!
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Tableau Course in Singapore Opportunities - Vertical Institute


Career Opportunities Once You Master Tableau, SQL, and Excel

Completing our comprehensive course opens doors to numerous roles, including data analyst, business intelligence developer, and more, leveraging skills in Tableau, SQL, and Excel.

Data Analyst

Head of Data

Data Quality Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst

Quantitative Analyst

Market Research Analyst

Financial Analyst

Data Architect

Data Visualization Specialist

Reporting Analyst

Data Consultant

Featured Courses to Learn Basic and Advanced Tableau in Singapore

Embark on Your Tech Journey with Vertical Institute: We offer courses suitable for all levels. From beginners with no prior experience to those seeking advanced mastery in Tableau, the classes cater to everyone’s needs. Dive into Tableau with our Data Analytics course and broaden your skill set, plus SQL and Excel. Sign up now to unlock your full potential.

Learn Excel, SQL, Tableau; leverage data for business decisions.

Claimable with SFC & UTAP

Master advanced Excel, SQL, Tableau with Singaporean’s data experts.

Claimable with SFC & UTAP

Class Details and Support

7 lessons, 3 hours each lesson

7 lessons, 3 hours
each lesson

Fully Online Zoom Classes

Fully Online
Zoom Classes

1 Instructor, 1-2 Teaching Assistants

1 Instructor, 1-2 Teaching Assistants

Live Q&A sessions

Close mentorship and guidance from instructors

Weekly free consultation slots

Capstone project feedback from instructor

Out of class support from TAs and instructor

Why Choose Vertical Institute?

Opting for Vertical Institute for your educational advancement offers unparalleled benefits that distinguish us in the field of professional training:


Upskill with our Data Analytics course without no prior background or experience.

Professional Certificate

Professional Certificate

Gain an accredited Data Analytics Certification in Singapore.

Expert-led Learning

Expert-led Learning

Learn new concepts and tools through expert-led lectures, discussions, assignments and project work.

Personalised Feedback

Personalised Feedback

Receive individualised feedback and support from your instructional team with free 1-on-1 consultations.

Capstone Project

Capstone Project

Apply what you’ve learned to create a capstone project solving a real-world data problem

Community Benefits

Community Benefits

Be part of the VI community where members can leverage connections with alumni, instructors and experts

Career Support

Career Support

Dedicated career support and matching with hiring partners

Hands-on Training

Hands-on Training

Fully hands-on training with industry tools

Our Happy Students

What Our Students Say About Learning at Vertical Institute

Transformative Learning Experiences: Our alumni share their success stories, highlighting the impact of Tableau skills on their careers and lives.
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De Sheng

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Alumni

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Data Analytics Bootcamp Alumni

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Digital Marketing Bootcamp Alumni

FAQs for Tableau Course at Vertical Institute

Who Needs to Learn Tableau?

Tableau is a key tool for making informed decisions based on data visualisation. It’s precious for decision-makers who rely on visual analytics to see patterns and trends before taking action.

Unlike other BI tools, Tableau excels in integrating data from various sources, including in-house databases, cloud services, and data warehouses, making it a versatile choice for diverse analytical needs. Vertical Institute’s Tableau course is designed for a broad audience, welcoming complete beginners and those already working in the field.

Our curriculum ensures that every learner, regardless of their background, can harness the power of Tableau to blend multiple data sources and create impactful visualisations.

Which Is the Best Online Course for Tableau?

Vertical Institute’s Data Analytics Course is the premier choice for learning Tableau in Singapore. What sets this course apart is the focus on Tableau and its comprehensive skill set, including training in SQL and Excel. This holistic approach equips learners with a versatile toolkit, preparing them for various analytical tasks and positions in the tech industry. Our practical, hands-on learning environment, guided by industry experts, ensures that students don’t just learn the tools but also understand how to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios.

What Skills Do You Need for Tableau?

A proficient Tableau developer should possess a mix of technical and analytical skills to use the platform effectively. Key skills include:

  1. Basic Data Comprehension: Understanding the interconnectedness of data and how to structure it for analysis.
  2. Data Preparation: Skilled in data discovery, transformation, and cleaning, often using tools like Tableau Prep Builder.
  3. Efficient Coding: Although Tabledau is user-friendly, coding knowledge, especially SQL, benefits automation and database dealing.
  4. Math and Statistics are essential for converting data into actionable insights, exploring data analysis, and understanding model limitations.
  5. Analytical and Visualisation Skills: Ability to create clear, impactful visual reports that drive decision-making.

Tableau Software Proficiency: Deep familiarity with Tableau Desktop, Server, Public, and other applications for comprehensive data management.

How Much Does Tableau Training Cost?

Our Data Analytics program, which includes Tableau training alongside SQL and Excel, is accessible through various government subsidies and support schemes. The cost varies based on eligibility: Singaporeans aged 40 and above can enjoy a 70% IBF subsidy, decreasing the fee to SGD 975. Singaporeans under 40 and PRs are eligible for a 50% subsidy, with fees at SGD 1475, while foreigners face a fee of SGD 2725. Additional financial support is available through SkillsFuture Credits for all Singaporeans aged 25 and above, and NTUC members can benefit from UTAP, covering 50% of any remaining fees up to SGD 500 yearly.

Does Vertical Institute Offer Job Placement Support?

Absolutely. Vertical Institute ensures our graduates’ success extends beyond our classrooms. We provide comprehensive Job Placement Assistance, leveraging our network of over 1,000 hiring partners to offer a wide range of internship and industry placement opportunities. This support is designed to help our students confidently apply their new skills in the workforce and smoothly transition into rewarding careers within the tech industry.

How Long Is Tableau Training?

As part of our Data Analytics course, which also encompasses SQL and Excel training, you can master the fundamentals of Tableau within just 21 hours. This course is structured to provide a complete educational package, preparing you for a career as a data analyst in Singapore’s competitive tech landscape. Our focused, efficient approach ensures you acquire essential tools and skills swiftly and effectively.

Is Tableau Easy to Learn for Beginners?

Tableau is user-friendly, making it accessible to learners of all ages, including those in their 40s and 50s. Vertical Institute’s structured course demystifies Tableau, ensuring beginners can quickly grasp the software’s fundamentals and practical applications. Our supportive learning environment encourages all students to harness Tableau’s capabilities, regardless of their previous experience with data visualisation tools.

Can I Use SkillsFuture Credits to Learn Tableau?

Indeed, you can apply your SkillsFuture Credits towards our comprehensive Data Analytics course, which includes Tableau training. This initiative reflects our commitment to facilitating continuous learning and professional development for Singaporeans. By leveraging these government subsidies, you can enhance your career prospects in the tech industry with minimal financial concern, ensuring a stress-free learning experience.

What are the other in-demand courses at Vertical Institute?

Vertical Institute provides a wide range of tech courses designed to meet the evolving needs of Singapore’s workforce and industries. These courses encompass vital areas such as Data Analytics, Cyber Security, and more, catering to individuals looking to enter or advance in tech. Here’s a brief overview of the courses we offered:

  1. Data Analytics Course
  2. Cyber Security Course
  3. Digital Marketing Course
  4. UX Design Course
  5. Advanced-Data Analytics Course
  6. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

These courses allow students to enhance their tech skills and lay a strong foundation for a successful tech career in the continually evolving technology sector. Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible for government course subsidies at Vertical Institute.

Boost Your Career by Taking Tableau Training Online

Enhance Your Data Visualisation Skills with Vertical Institute. Sign up for our Data Analytics course to master Tableau and more. Gain the skills to analyse, visualise, and decide with confidence. Don’t let this golden opportunity slip on your hands today. Begin your journey to tech success with us today and unlock a world of possibilities.