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All you Need to Know About Organic Social Media

by | Nov 18, 2022

Organic social media is excellent for attracting attention without having to pay for the advertisement space. The main way to do this is through organic content\ social media techniques. This includes blogging, scheduling social media posts, and sharing other people’s information.

The key to organic social is gradually growing your network and interacting with them. Instead of going after them directly, the goal is to draw them to you.

What is Organic Social Media Marketing?

Sharing unpaid updates and posts on your company’s social media accounts is referred to as organic social media marketing. All social media platforms allow you to share organic posts, which come in a variety of formats. These include: text, picture and video posts, posts with hashtags or links, event listing, and more. You can use it to promote an already-available product, alert customers to a new product, share your website’s blog posts, articles, and news about the industry, and even promote events such as roadshows.

Some examples of organic social media include: 

  • Testimonials
  • Team introduction posts
  • Product demonstration
  • Relatable information
  • Comprehensive guides

Organic vs Paid Social Media

Organic VS Paid Social Media - Vertical Institute

The main difference between organic and paid social media is the cost.

Sponsored search concentrates on paid ranks, whereas organic search concentrates on unpaid rankings in search results. Businesses employ SEO to improve their site’s exposure or rankings in organic search results. Paid search, in contrast, enables consumers to purchase a prominent position in search results.

How to Increase Organic Reach on Social Media

How to Increase Organic Reach on Social Media - Vertical Institute

Picking the right channel

Why waste effort if your audience may not be active on every social media site? Focus on a few where your target audience is saturated. 

Optimizing your social media profiles

When we create content for search engines such as Google, we have to take into account the Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

Here are some elements that you can take into consideration: 

  • A username that can be easily recalled
  • An identifiable brand logo
  • Descriptions with loaded keywords
  • A traceable link back to your website

Use targeting 

This strategy will differ depending on the platform. However, adjusting the settings of your content to focus on particular audience members will increase your organic potential. You can modify who sees your Facebook posts by using organic post targeting.

Some options you can use in Facebook:

  • Gender
  • Relationship 
  • Status
  •  Education level
  • Age 
  • Location 
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Post end-date

Hashtags can also be utilised in order to sort your posts into categories. In this way, you can better reach out to your target audiences. 

Choose appropriate content to post

A study conducted by Socialbakers found that some content kinds can significantly increase your organic reach. Given that the average organic reach has decreased to 1% or less, the study’s findings show that videos had the largest organic reach on Facebook.

While you should not  automatically assume that videos will be effective for you too, this does indicate that you should try it out.

You should mix up your posts’ photographs, status updates, links, and videos. Moreover, using tools like Facebook Insights to track your content and determine which post kinds are most effective.

Engage with your followers

What emotions do you get when people “like” or comment on your private social media posts? Consumers desire brand interaction in 64% of cases.

However, until you initiate contact with your profiles, the majority of followers will not do so. Each week, allocate a significant amount of time to interact with them, whether it means leaving comments, liking, or even sharing their posts. To ensure that followers feel heard, it is also crucial to stay on top of queries and criticism.

Tools for Organic Social Media Growth

Here is a list of tools that you can utilise to gain organic traffic from social media.

Tools for organic Social Media Growth - Vertical Institute


All of the main social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are supported by Buffer. You can use it to create a posting schedule for updates on your profiles that takes into account the target audience’s social media usage patterns and time zone.

Sprout Social

For social listening, engagement, publishing, and strategy measurement, Sprout Social is a fantastic tracking tool. It offers the possibility to create and send tailored messages to potential clients in addition to basic tracking features.

You may assist your followers by using its customer care capabilities.


The best social media management tools are available in Hootsuite, allowing you to control your content calendar. It allows you to examine content and schedule posts in an easy-to-use calendar view.

It enables you to submit photographs immediately from the dashboard and get feedback from your audience by monitoring current conversations, trends, and brand mentions.

Benefits of Organic Social Media

Benefits of Organic Social Media - Vertical Institute

It promotes brand consistency

You can have a strong social media presence that customers can look at when they want to learn more about your brand by posting regularly on your social media channels.

At the very least, adopting organic marketing and producing organic content will help users learn more about your company when they visit your social media sites.

It helps to create brand awareness

You can be confident that your organic social media efforts are helping you in some way, regardless of how many people read your postings. Among those methods? Increasing brand recognition.

You’ll develop brand recognition and loyalty the more a user is exposed to your brand, whether it’s through an organic post or a paid post. When you use organic posts, you’ll establish a consistent presence in users’ timelines and streams, which will increase user familiarity with your brand and their likelihood of purchasing from you.

Boost Search Engine rankings

Did you know that Google considers your social media presence when deciding where your company will rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)? Sharing subjects, queries, and conversations that are popular around your company is part of creating content with your ideal client in mind. You can incorporate keywords into your social media captions with an emphasis on SEO-friendly material.

Increase conversions

Every social media post provides a chance for a customer to buy. Engage them with interesting posts and insightful readings. 48% of social media users claim to have bought a product as a result of viewing a commercial. Social media offers limitless opportunities for conversions; the key is to produce worthwhile content.

How to Create Organic Social Campaigns

How to Create Organic Social Media Campaigns - Vertical Institute

Identify social media platforms you are going to utilise

You must pick your channels before launching your organic social media approach. This advice also applies to your use of paid social media. By examining how much time your target market spends on various social media platforms, you can choose the most effective one for your brand. 

You can send out an email invitation to conduct a brief poll among your current clients. Use this chance to express your gratitude for their continued patronage and let them know that you look forward to connecting with them on their preferred social networking site. Then, you may find out which social media sites they usually access.

You can learn more about where your consumers and prospects are by keeping an eye on your competitors’ natural social media presence and activity. You can choose which social media platforms to focus your efforts on after determining which ones they use.

Ensure customers can find you easily on Social Media

Make the most of your social media presence by making it easy for prospects and consumers to find you. Use the same account name across all of your social media accounts if you use more than one to make it simple for people to locate you.

Connect the pages and accounts on your social media platforms. Additionally, you should link to your social media profiles from your website. Your website visitors will be able to view and engage with your organic social media posts in this manner.

Start a social media content calendar

An easy-to-use but crucial tool for any organic social media strategy is a content calendar. Planning your organic social media content a month in advance is a fantastic idea.

Why? A content calendar gives you a snapshot of your monthly organic social media material, assisting you in developing a strategy that is cohesive and identifying content gaps. You may balance your material each month using your content calendar to avoid oversharing any one form of content.

Another advantage of a content calendar is that it allows you to plan seasonal and holiday postings that will be of interest to your readers

80/20 Rule

According to this criteria, 80% of your content articles must be instructive, entertaining, or edifying. Only 20% of your posts should be advertising your goods and services.

Consider yourself a social media user. You would value companies that share informative articles. So, you’ll keep in mind the brand that informed you, made you happy, or made you laugh when it comes time to come up with a solution for their issues or wants.

Analyse the performance of your social media posts

Each month, try to improve your organic social media approach by being aware of the right KPIs to monitor.

What subjects piqued their attention in your audience? What kind of content were they more likely to consume? Which social media articles referred the most people to your website?

Your organic social media strategy’s monthly performance analysis can help you determine which themes are most popular with your audience. Additionally, you’ll learn about the issues, problems, and opinions that customers have of your brand.

You may use these insights to plan your upcoming organic social media content calendar and learn more about your target audience.

How to get started with Organic Social Media Marketing

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