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Alumni Success Stories

We find continuous inspiration and motivation in witnessing our students’ achievements, and it is truly an honour for us to contribute to their remarkable success stories

Get to know their experience and success stories

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De Sheng

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Yoseph


Data Analytics Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Celine


UX Design Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Charlene


Digital Marketing Bootcamp Alumni

Icon Marcella


Solutions Architect | Amazon

Icon Ruby


Marketing Executive

Icon Amanda


Executive Assistant

Icon Andrew


Digital Marketer

Icon Desiree Ong

Desiree Ong

UX Designer | Cromatic

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Icon Calvin



Had a great learning experience through hands-on approach on SQL Queries and data visualization via Tableau. Creating interactive data visualisation 📈 📉 and dashboard to deliver findings and convey message easily.

My thanks goes out to Stan Neo and the VI team for making it so practical and creating a great learning environment, highly recommend!

Had a great learning experience through hands-on approach on SQL queries and data visualization via Tableau. Creating interactive data visualization and dashboard to deliver findings and convey message easily which is relevant with my professional career. #StayRelevant

Great learning experience through hands-on approach in SQL queries and conveying messages via interactive data visualization & dashboards using Tableau!

It was truly a wonderful learning experience for me personally, especially since I was able to work directly on tools such as Excel, SQL and Tableau. Such hands-on experience allowed me to think critically about how best we can present insights through data visualization.

It was a fun experience learning about the data processes, excel, SQL, Tableau. Good enough for me to have a decent overview and also to start getting my hands wet.

Taking up the Data Analytics course with Vertical Institute was a great decision! At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the lesson pace but the instructors and TAs did such an excellent job to respond to every query so patiently and clearly. It’s a fantastic introduction to the world of SQL and Tableau with real life examples and practices. Shoutout to my instructor Lindsay for making every lesson insightful, interactive and engaging. She makes the 3 hour lesson in the evenings so much better to go through. Will definitely recommend this course to others!

I joined the April 2023 data analytics boot camp course. The lecturer Mr Sifat khan conducted the course in a way that a complete beginner like me was able to digest. I would recommend this for anyone who is interested in learning about data analytics.

Joined Vertical Institute for the Data Analytics bootcamp.
Instructor Clarence is patient and very good in explaining the functions and steps for all the exercise. Would highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about DA

Attended the Data Analytics Course and Stan (the trainer) was very helpful to ensure that we are able to keep up with the pace of the course. Also dropping us very practical advices based on his experience from real-life work applications. The TAs and staffs were also extremely helpful to assist for the Capstone Project and admin related matters. Highly recommended!

Attended the Data Analytics Bootcamp. Course instructor Clarence was experienced and knowledgeable in this space, backed by his real life experience (employed by big tech company) in data analytics and data science.

The course consisted of 7 lessons over 7 days or 3.5 weeks, to be completed with an assignment which is essentially to what you’ve learnt over the past few weeks into test and action so you’ll graduated with something to showcase to your current boss or potential employer to proof your knowledge and skills.

Recommended as the course taught was highly relevant to today’s VUCA world.

Have decided to learn more about data analytic and found Vertical Institute.
Its administration team is efficient and supporting from enquire, register, administer, and throughout the course. All have taken care and we as students are comfortable and free mind but to focus the course. Great course sharing on excel, SQL and Tableau by its talented instructors.
Passed the course with great satisfaction of project. Thank you!

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