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How Much Does A Digital Marketer Earn?

by | Dec 9, 2022

For a long time, we have understood marketing as all the activities and efforts done by businesses to promote their products and services. It revolves around establishing a bond with your customers at the places where they are present and spending time in. Believe it or not, this place is the Internet. With the advent of the Internet, more people are beginning to spend their time online and on social media. 

According to Statista, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 147 minutes per day as of 2022. This is an increase from 145 minutes in the previous year. Digital marketing refers to all the marketing activities that are done online on the internet. Today, having a strong digital presence is incredibly important for companies if they want to build meaningful relationships with their customers.

Read on to learn about what digital marketing is and how much you can earn as a digital marketer.

What Does A Digital Marketer Do

A digital marketer is someone who takes charge and handles the marketing efforts of a business and its products online. Hence, it is essential for digital marketers to have a good understanding of digital platforms. They have to know how these can be leveraged to boost brand awareness and lead generation. Digital marketers achieve this with measurable analytics, creative thinking and social advertising. This allows their brands to be seen by more customers. They can be involved in all aspects of a company’s digital strategy or only one. These aspects can include the following:

  • UX/UI Design: Digital marketers can be involved in the creation and design of the user experience and user interface of digital platforms to ensure that customers have an effortless and smooth online experience. This can be anything that your business wants to use to engage with audiences.

  • Data and Analytics: Using analytical tools to monitor campaigns allows digital marketers to gain insights on the type of content and advertisements that are most effective in boosting sales and conversions.  

  • Content Marketing: For almost all businesses, content such as blog articles and videos serve to bring customers to a company’s website. 

  • SEO and SEM: It is important for digital marketers to understand how SEO and SEM work, as well as its best practices in the marketing industry.

What Is the Average Salary of a Digital Marketer

According to findings from talent.com, the average digital marketing salary in Singapore is S$40,800 per year or S$17.83 per hour. Entry-level positions start at S$31,725 per year, while most experienced workers make up to S$60,000 per year.

How Much Do Digital Marketers In Different Roles Earn In Singapore?

Digital marketers can earn a varying amount depending on the roles they are in and experience they have. Here is a table showing the annual base salary the different roles in digital marketing can earn in Singapore. Do note that the salary range and offers are not definite and are also dependent on industry.

How Much Do Digital Marketers In Different Roles Earn In Singapore?
Source: Salary values are based from Payscale.com

Is Digital Marketing A Good Career In Singapore?

According to an article published by The Straits Times in 2019, the demand for technology jobs in Singapore rose by 20 per cent from 2018 to 2019. In addition, it has revealed that there is a greater demand for talents specialised in digital marketing and e-commerce than supply. This makes digital marketing one of the most in-demand tech skills in Singapore. You can earn a profitable salary as this field is filled with opportunities in numerous industries. Depending on your strengths, you can choose to specialise and focus on a particular role in digital marketing. As most of the work being done digitally, you get to enjoy more flexibility in work arrangements.

What Skills Should A Digital Marketer Have?

If you are thinking about starting your digital marketing career, here are some essential skills you need to have.

  • Content Marketing Skills: It is critical for digital marketers to recognise content creation as one of the fundamentals in online marketing. They have to be able to create high quality content that are search engine-optimised suited for different platforms. These can include videos, blogs, emails and more. 

  • SEO and SEM Skills: SEO is an essential skill every digital marketer should have in order to excel in the different aspects in a digital marketing career. Together, SEO and SEM serve to deliver insights on your marketing strategy. 

  • Data Analytics Slills: By adopting and leveraging analytical tools, digital marketers will be able to make better decisions for their marketing campaigns. These tools play a critical role in helping marketers to measure data across different platforms.

How Do Beginners Learn Digital Marketing

Now that you know how much digital marketers can earn, are you ready to discover how you can start a digital marketing career as a beginner? Sign up for Vertical Institute’s beginner-friendly Digital Marketing course in Singapore. Learn all about social media advertising, paid social media, Tiktok advertising, SEM, SEO, and more with our experts and instructors. You will also be able to earn an accredited certificate in Singapore. 

Besides digital marketing, Vertical Institute also offers UX Design and Data Analytics courses in Singapore. These are some tech skills that are highly in-demand today and will be helpful for your digital marketing career.

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