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Popular SkillsFuture Courses for a Resume Booster in 2023

by | Jul 6, 2023

Get the edge you need with the most popular SkillsFuture courses! These widely sought-after programs, guaranteed to supercharge your skills set, have been painstakingly selected.

Our journey towards professional growth is never a straight path. It’s a winding road filled with experiences that shape us and opportunities that drive us. One of these golden opportunities lies right in front of you – the chance to enrich your professional life.

Crafted meticulously for today’s competitive market, these courses are not just ticket holders to better job prospects, but also game-changers that instil a fresh outlook on your career. Remember, nothing stands still in the professional world, so buckle up and prepare for an enlightening journey with the popular SkillsFuture courses. Start your adventure today!

In this guide, we will uncover the most popular SkillsFuture courses to guarantee you a learning experience so valuable, it will enhance your career and boost your resume.

Use Your SkillsFuture Credits

The introduction of SkillsFuture has vastly assisted young Singaporean adults in their career transition. With SkillsFuture study credit top-ups as a head start, learners are able to use the credits to leverage the course fees. Additionally, the influx of numerous course providers creates a wide selection for learners, offering both online and offline courses to choose from.

SkillsFuture Eligible Courses at Vertical Institute

Popular SkillsFuture Courses in singapore

The tech industry is attracting attention from job seekers, and there is a high demand in the market for individuals with tech expertise. We’re confident to say to look no further – Vertical Institute offers Tech courses for your career transition.

Learners will be guided by our instructors from the tech industry with years of expertise under their belt coming from major FAANG companies – so they know the ins and outs of what the industry needs.

We’re here to give you a breakdown of popular courses which will be a great addition to your resume to meet the demands of the job market.

1. Data Analytics Course

Workplaces are shifting towards a data-centric environment as critical business decisions are made by leveraging data.

In this beginner-friendly online course, learners will go head-on into the world of Data and understand the fundamentals of Excel, SQL and Tableau. Upon graduation, learners will even have a chance to embark on a career path of a Business Analyst even with no experience.

Lessons: 7

Duration per lesson: 3 hours

Course fee: from $950 after subsidies

2. Digital Marketing Course

The results are in, Digital Marketing skills are a sure-fire resume booster in 2023 according to LinkedIn.

Master the landscape of digital marketing. Start with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Then start learning to Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Familiarize yourself with Google Analytics. Dive into content and email marketing, among other topics.

Know that you’re in good hands in this beginner-friendly course with instructors from globally recognised tech firms. We’re here to guide you all the way through pre-enrollment with a rundown of what Digital Marketing is all about.

Lessons: 7

Duration per lesson: 3 hours

Course fee: from $627 after subsidies

3. User Experience Design Course

Ever wondered how Netflix’s autoplay feature works? Or how Spotify beautifully curates an annual recap of your best songs? That’s the work of User Experience(UX).

Explore the fascinating world of UX. Understand how a user interacts with a product and how crucial UX is towards the development of a product.

In this course, a wide range of UX concepts will be introduced with Figma for user research, information architecture, prototyping and wireframing.

Lessons: 7

Duration per lesson: 3 hours

Course fee: from $627 after subsidies

4. Cybersecurity Course

We are in the age of digital warfare. As we move to an era of digitalisation, rampant cybercrimes prevail.

Be at the forefront of securing the digital world by learning to respond to impending threats and risks of the cyber world. Learn from experts in the field on how to establish and implement cybersecurity strategies, and embark on a career in cybersecurity.

Lessons: 7

Duration per lesson: 3 hours

Course fee: from $627 after subsidies

5. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Bootcamp

If you’ve heard your friends uttering Crypto jargon and are curious to get in the conversation, this is the perfect course for you.

This Blockchain & Cryptocurrency bootcamp will have you familiarised with the world of Decentralised Finance. We’ll give you a deep dive into blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies from a historical, theoretical, technical and practical perspective.

Lessons: 7

Duration per lesson: 3 hours

Course fee: from $627 after subsidies

Benefits of Taking our SkillsFuture Eligible Courses

At Vertical Institute, our SkillsFuture Eligible Courses offer you invaluable benefits. You gain industry-relevant skills, elevate your career prospects, and enjoy financial support, thereby fostering continuous learning. Here are the detailed benefits you can get once you take our courses.

No experience required:

Our approach is to equip you with the demands of the job market today. We have carefully curated the course structure to ensure it’s beginner friendly and have a team of instructors to meticulously teach and guide you on the fundamentals to have you be job market ready.

Professional and Accredited Certification:

Upon course completion, you will receive a recognised, industry-wide professional certificate. This credential serves as a testament to your expertise in the subject. Know that you’ll graduate and be attractive to prospective employers.

1 to 1 Personalised Feedback:

We only have the best instructors to guide you in your learning journey. The personalised feedback will ensure you get the attention needed to fully grasp your lessons and are constantly motivated to achieve your best.

Cutting-Edge Knowledge:

It’s 2023 and we keep the courses relevant to the topics and trends of today and what the future may hold.

Capstone Project:

All courses come with a real-world final project which learners can use for their portfolio for their career and potentially be featured on the Vertical Institute Student Works page.

Community Support:

Speak to alumni and experts in the tech world for industry insights and hear from them first-hand for more knowledge in the tech world.

Job assistance:

We don’t stop at equipping you with knowledge, we’re there for you even after graduation in your job search. We provide you with comprehensive job support and equip you with the necessary resources to secure your dream job – for a swift career transition. Our networking partners will greatly increase your chances for a rewarding career.

Are there more subsidies available upon course enrollment?

Popular SkillsFuture Course Subsidies

Yes, SkillsFuture isn’t the sole solution. Other subsidies are available, aiding in offsetting remaining fees. Let’s delve deeper into these options

IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS)

The IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS) is your gateway to subsidies for accredited training and assessment programs under the Skills Framework for Financial Services. With IBF-STS, you can access valuable course fee subsidies for these programs, ensuring you have the financial support you need to enhance your skills in the financial services industry. Discover a world of opportunities and take advantage of the resources available to help you excel in your career.


The Union Training Assistance Program (UTAP) is an incredible opportunity for NTUC members to have their training expenses subsidised. This program aims to motivate and empower NTUC members by providing them with assistance to upskill or reskill in areas that are in high demand.

With a simple step of becoming an NTUC member, the doors are open for subsidised training courses offered by Vertical Institute. This means you can pursue your desired training course without worrying about the full cost, thanks to the support provided by UTAP. It\’s a fantastic chance to invest in your personal and professional growth.

Time To Take Popular SkillsFuture Courses Today

Time To Take Popular SkillsFuture Courses Today

Navigating a career transition can be challenging. Online courses are plentiful, and with SkillsFuture credits, your opportunities are immense. Yet, it’s crucial to maximise them effectively. By utilising your SkillsFuture credits, you can access popular online courses that will enhance your skill set and give your resume a complete boost.

To everyone who’s thinking of taking up a course at Vertical Institute, read what one of our alumni said

I attended the data analytics bootcamp.
The instructor, along with his team, showcased impressive expertise in their respective fields. Their unwavering commitment to guiding student learning was truly admirable. They patiently deconstructed intricate concepts, ensuring students could grasp them easily through clear and understandable explanations.

Alan Tan

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