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PSEA-eligible Courses in Singapore 2024

Learn about PSEA-eligible courses to advance your career in the tech industry. Harness new skills to increase your employability and salary potential today!
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Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) Overview

The Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) is a pivotal scheme for Singapore Citizens, initiated to support educational endeavours post-secondary school. With funds ranging from $1,000 to $5,000—and for some, even reaching $6,000—Singaporeans are well-positioned to further their education without financial burden, mainly through programs like our bootcamps. Available from the year they turn 21 until age 31, the PSEA stands as a robust pillar for lifelong learning and skill advancement. Take advantage of the opportunity to use your PSEA by age 31; let it be the key to unlocking your educational aspirations with Vertical Institute.

Explore Tech Courses to Maximise your PSEA Funding

Undeniably, PSEA funding is a massive help for Singaporeans like you to improve their skills without breaking the bank. Now, let us discover the courses eligible for this funding at Vertical Institute.


Master Python and unlock the world of AI and machine learning.

Claimable with SFC & UTAP + PSEA Eligible

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Vertical Institute is more than just a learning platform; it’s your gateway to a thriving tech career, designed with beginners in mind to ensure a smooth, supportive, and enriching educational experience.
Accredited Excellence

Accredited Excellence

As an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), the courses are accredited by SSG and The IBF Singapore.

Leading Tech Bootcamp

Leading Tech Bootcamp

We're at the forefront of equipping individuals with in-demand tech skills for the future job market.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

With over 10,000 graduates, our extensive experience and expertise in tech education speak volumes.

Top Reviews

Top Reviews

Our status as the most highly-reviewed bootcamp in Singapore reflects the quality and impact of our programs.

Satisfied Learners

Satisfied Learners

Our consistent 5-star student ratings underline our commitment to excellence and student satisfaction.

Robust Network

Robust Network

Our strong industry connections offer significant networking opportunities, boosting your employment prospects post-course.

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More FAQs about PSEA-eligible Courses

What is the Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)?

The Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) is a vital scheme established by the Singaporean government. Its primary goal is to support Singapore Citizens by easing the financial burden of post-secondary education. This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to investing in the nation’s future by making education more accessible and affordable.

What is the intended purpose of the PSEA?

The PSEA aims to serve a dual function: it allows parents to save for their children’s post-secondary education systematically and directly aids students in managing their educational expenses. Administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the account is automatically opened for all eligible Singaporean citizens. This ensures that financial resources are readily available to support various educational pathways, reinforcing Singapore’s value on continuous learning and development.

How can PSEA funds be utilised?

PSEA funds are incredibly flexible and designed to cover various educational costs. This includes repaying government-supported education loans such as tuition fees, study loans, overseas student programme loans, and other approved financing schemes like the CPF Education Loan Scheme. At Vertical Institute, PSEA funds can be applied towards subsidising tech-oriented courses. Notably, our Data Science Course is eligible for this funding, providing a valuable opportunity for individuals looking to enhance their tech skills in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

How can I check my PSEA balance?

To facilitate easy access to your PSEA information, the Ministry of Education has established a 24-hour automated hotline at 6260 0777. By calling this number, individuals can inquire about their account’s active status, check the current balance, learn about eligibility for further contributions, and get updates on the latest top-up contributions from the government. This service is part of the government’s effort to ensure transparency and accessibility for all beneficiaries of the PSEA.

Is There Any Subsidy for the Courses?

At Vertical Institute, we believe in making tech education accessible to all, which is why we offer various subsidies to help offset the cost of our courses. Depending on the specific course and your eligibility, you may use subsidies such as SkillsFuture Funding, SSG subsidy, and UTAP Funding. These financial aids encourage continuous learning and professional development among Singaporeans, making it easier for individuals to pursue further education in in-demand fields like coding. Our team is dedicated to assisting students in navigating these subsidy options, ensuring you can maximise the support available. By reducing the financial barrier to education, we aim to empower more individuals to upgrade and advance their global careers in the tech industry.

What happens to unused PSEA funds?

Suppose PSEA funds remain unused by the time the account holder reaches the age of 31. In that case, the account will be automatically closed, and any remaining funds will be transferred to the individual’s CPF Ordinary Account (CPF-OA). This transition is irreversible, meaning that once the funds have been moved to the CPF-OA, they are subject to the CPF-OA’s terms of use. Therefore, account holders must strategically plan the use of their PSEA funds to maximise their educational benefits before this deadline.

Elevate Your Path with Premier PSEA-Eligible Courses in Singapore

Dive into the world of technology with Singapore’s best PSEA-eligible courses tailored for career switchers and tech enthusiasts like you. If you want to pivot into a tech career or enhance your skills, our online courses are designed to make your transition seamless and successful. With your PSEA balance, you can enrol in tech-leading bootcamps without worrying about financial constraints. At Vertical Institute, we’re more than just educators; we’re your partners in unlocking a world brimming with opportunities. Let’s embark on this journey together, utilising your PSEA funding to navigate the tech landscape with confidence and ease. Embark on your journey today and pave your way to a fulfilling tech career supported by Singapore’s premier educational institution.