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Credit Card Fraud

A Data Science project by Boon Shing Lee. As cashless transactions become increasingly common, this project aims to build a machine learning model for fraud prediction directed at credit card transactions.

Data Science Portfolio Projects - Vertical Institute
Data Science Portfolio Projects - Vertical Institute

Why Learn Data Science

Ever wondered how YouTube’s recommendation engine works? Or how TikTok knows what to show you next? Two words: Machine Learning.

Python is the most popular machine learning language. Compared to many other languages, Python is easy to learn and highly efficient. On top of that, Python’s versatility allows it to be used in a variety of applications – from data science to web and game development.

This is why it is one of the most coveted skills by employers across various industries such as finance and healthcare. The high demand and low supply of such skills also makes data science a highly lucrative career option.

Kickstart a career in Data Science with the beginner-friendly Data Science Bootcamp by Vertical Institute. The course allocates 3-4 instructional team members per class to ensure dedicated peer and mentor support for your Data Science journey including Data Science portfolio projects. You will graduate with an IBF-accredited Data Science certification, as well as a polished, portfolio-ready project to showcase your new Python and machine learning skills.

Our graduates from this data science course include individuals from JP Morgan, Oracle, PwC, Accenture, Shopee, Walt Disney and more.

Are There Government Subsidies Available?

Singaporeans and PRs can receive up to 70% IBF Funding off their course fees with Vertical Institute. The remaining fees can be fully claimable with SkillsFuture Credits. NTUC Union members may also utilise UTAP Funding to offset 50% of remaining fees.

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