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Best Online Data Analytics Courses to Look For in 2024

by | Feb 1, 2024

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, data analytics is a critical skill, pivotal in shaping businesses and technology. For career switchers and tech enthusiasts, stepping into data analytics can be exciting and daunting. 

In this guide, we explore the “Best Online Data Analytics Courses” tailored for beginners, with a special focus on courses offered in and by Singapore’s renowned institutions. We’ve scoured the educational landscape to bring you a comprehensive list including:

  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Singapore Management University (SMU)
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • PSB Academy
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Republic Polytechnic
  • London School of Business and Finance (LSBF)
  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Vertical Institute

Each institution  offers a distinctive approach to its data analytics courses, promising to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to make a successful switch or to enhance your technical understanding. Whether you’re looking for the flexibility of online learning, the rigour of an academic institution, or the practicality of hands-on projects, this guide has got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover the best pathway for you to embark on your data analytics journey.

Why Choose Data Analytics?

In an era where data is the new gold, data analytics emerges as a powerhouse skill, indispensable across industries. But what makes it such a compelling career choice, especially for those contemplating a switch or nurturing a passion for technology? Let’s delve into why data analytics is not just a smart choice, but a forward-looking and rewarding one.

High Demand Across Industries

Data is universal, and so is the need to analyse it. Data analytics professionals are in high demand from healthcare to finance, retail to technology. This demand translates into job security and numerous opportunities for career growth.

Diverse Career Paths

The field of data analytics is incredibly diverse, offering roles like data scientist, data analyst, business analyst, and more. Each role has its unique blend of challenges and rewards, ensuring a perfect niche for everyone.

A Key to Better Decision Making

Data analytics is not just about crunching numbers; it’s about deriving actionable insights. This skill empowers businesses to make informed decisions, thereby pivotal to their success.

Competitive Salaries

Reflecting the high demand and significant impact of their work, data analytics professionals often enjoy competitive salaries. This is especially true in tech-centric locations like Singapore, where the tech industry thrives.

Continuous Learning and Growth

The field of data analytics is dynamic and constantly evolving. For those who love to learn and grow, this career offers an endless path of new technologies, methodologies, and insights to explore.

Impactful Work

Data analytics professionals have the unique opportunity to influence and shape their organisations’ strategies. The insights derived from data can lead to breakthrough innovations and improvements in various aspects of business and society.

Remote and Flexible Work Options

With the rise of digital tools and cloud-based technologies, many data analytics roles offer the flexibility to work remotely. This is a significant advantage for those seeking a better work-life balance.

In conclusion, data analytics stands out as a career that is intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding to the future of technology and business. For career switchers and tech enthusiasts in Singapore, it offers a gateway into a world where your skills can make a tangible difference.

Top Data Analytics Courses in Singapore: Fees and Duration

Here are the top data analytics course providers in this vibrant city-state, known for its cutting-edge technological advancements. We’ve compiled a list that details the best courses available and includes essential information on their fees and duration. Whether you’re a career switcher, a budding tech enthusiast, or someone just looking to upskill, this guide is your starting point to understanding what each course offers, how much it costs, and how long it will take. Dive in to find the course that best fits your needs and career aspirations.

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics by NUS

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics by NUS

NUS provides a comprehensive Business Analytics program, ideal for career switchers and tech enthusiasts, focusing on practical data handling and trend analysis skills.

  • Specialisations: Include Financial Analytics, Machine Learning-based Analytics, and Marketing Analytics.
  • Duration: 4-year undergraduate program with a blend of foundational and specialised subjects.
  • Career Opportunities: Diverse roles like data analysts, machine learning engineers, and market research analysts.
  • Pricing: Not specified, but it’s a significant investment with a globally recognised degree.

Data Analytics Courses by Coursera

Data Analytics Courses by Coursera

Coursera offers a range of courses from top institutions for all levels.

  • Popular Courses: Google, IBM, Meta certificates, and SAS Visual Business Analytics.
  • Duration and Cost: Varies per course, with options like 6+ months for Google’s certificate at $39/month.
  • Flexibility: Self-paced, with certificates enhancing your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Data Analytics Course by PSB Academy

Data Analytics Course by PSB Academy

PSB Academy offers programs from diplomas to Master’s Degrees in analytics.

  • Courses: Diploma in Business Analytics and a Master of Analytics.
  • Specialisations: Finance or marketing, with remote options like Introduction to Python Programming.
  • Certification: SAS certification upon graduation.

Data Analytics Program at SMU

Data Analytics Program at SMU

SMU Academy’s program focuses on data analytics using R.

  • Duration: Modules spread over weeknights and Saturdays.
  • Pricing: $10,464, with potential subsidies down to SGD 1,219.20 after funding.

Data Analytics Course by Singapore Polytechnic

Data Analytics Course by Singapore Polytechnic

Singapore Polytechnic provides a practical data science course suitable for working adults.

  • Duration: 1-year course totaling 240 hours.
  • Fees: Range from SGD 627.84 to SGD 6,696.96 depending on eligibility, with funding options available.

Data Analytics Courses by UDEMY

Data Analytics Courses by UDEMY

Udemy offers a wide selection of courses for all proficiency levels.

  • Course Highlights: Beginners to advanced courses in analytics.
  • Duration and Structure: Self-paced with varying durations.
  • Fees: Affordable with lifetime access to course materials.

Data Analytics Course by SUTD

Data Analytics Course by SUTD

SUTD Academy covers introductory to advanced data analytics.

  • Course Highlights: Range from one-day to five-day courses.
  • Mode of Training: Both face-to-face and online options.
  • Fees: Reasonably priced with SkillsFuture Credit eligibility

Data Analytics Course by Republic Polytechnic

Data Analytics Course by Republic Polytechnic

An introductory course suitable for a wide audience.

  • Duration: Two-day course with hands-on sessions.
  • Fees: Details available on the Skills Training & Enhancement Portal.

Data Analytics Course by LSBF

Data Analytics Course by LSBF

LSBF offers a diploma in Data Analytics with a focus on business analytics.

  • Duration: 8 months full-time, 12 months part-time.
  • Fees: SGD $6,000 for local students, SGD $8,000 for international students.
  • Highlights: Covers core modules and AWS cloud computing, providing practical industry insights.

Data Analytics Bootcamp by Vertical Institute

Data Analytics Bootcamp by Vertical Institute

Vertical Institute’s course is designed for beginners, focusing on key data analytics tools like Excel, SQL, and Tableau. It’s suitable for anyone starting a career in data analytics or looking to enhance their current role with data skills.

Duration and Structure

  • The course consists of 7 lessons, each 3 hours long.
  • Classes are held online via Zoom, allowing flexibility and convenience.
  • Includes training in Data Analysis & Excel Fundamentals, SQL (basic to advanced), and Data Visualization with Tableau.
  • Culminates in a real-world project, offering practical experience and a portfolio piece.

Course Fees

  • Offers up to 70% IBF subsidy.
  • SkillsFuture Credits are applicable for Singaporeans aged 25 and above.
  • NTUC members can use UTAP for additional fee support.

Ideal For

This course is particularly beneficial for beginners and mid-career professionals seeking to transition into a data-centric role. It provides foundational knowledge and practical application, making it a comprehensive choice for stepping into the field of data analytics.

Kickstart Your Data Analytics Journey with Vertical Institute

We’ve explored a variety of data analytics courses available across Singapore, ranging from extensive programs that span years and cost tens of thousands to more concise and budget-friendly options. 

However, if you’re still evaluating whether data analytics is the right path for you, the Data Analytics course at Vertical Institute stands out as an excellent choice. Designed with the needs of beginners and career switchers in mind, it offers a succinct yet comprehensive introduction to the field.

At Vertical Institute, we understand the apprehensions and challenges you might face when venturing into the world of data analytics. That’s why our course is structured to be as beginner-friendly as possible. In fact, our program has seen remarkable success stories, including students who have successfully transitioned into data analytics careers even at the age of 55.

The final decision is yours, and as you contemplate this exciting yet challenging journey, we wish you the very best. Remember, while the learning curve in data analytics can be steep, it is also deeply rewarding. We believe in your potential to carve out a successful path in the dynamic world of data analytics. Good luck!

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