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Learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to boost your career, employability, and income potential in Singapore. Study with leading SEO experts at Vertical Institute today.
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SEO Training Overview

Embark on your SEO journey with Vertical Institute’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp, where SEO is introduced as a foundational component of effective digital marketing strategies. This course offers a beginner-friendly introduction to essential SEO tools and best practices and a practical guide to using Google Search Console to track and enhance the site’s performance. You’ll learn how SEO increases a website’s visibility and why it’s a crucial skill for any digital marketer. Through engaging and accessible content, this module prepares you for creating impactful marketing campaigns that leverage the power of search engines.
The Benefits

Why Learn SEO in Singapore?

In Singapore’s competitive digital marketplace, SEO skills are increasingly essential for standing out and reaching target audiences effectively. As the internet becomes the platform for discovery and engagement, understanding how to optimise content for search engines is crucial for any marketer. This SEO course will teach you how to elevate your content’s visibility, ensuring it reaches the right people at the right time. By mastering SEO, you’ll enhance your employability and contribute significantly to any business’s online success, making you a valuable asset to your future team.
Benefits SEO Intro Course - Vertical Institute
Career Opportunities SEO Intro Course - Vertical Institute


Career Advancements with SEO Training

Gaining expertise in SEO through Vertical Institute’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp opens up many career opportunities in the digital marketing field. As businesses heavily rely on online visibility to drive success, the demand for skilled SEO professionals grows. From SEO Specialist to Digital Marketing Manager, the skills you acquire will prepare you for roles that directly influence business strategies and growth. These positions require technical knowledge of search engine algorithms and strategic thinking and data analysis, skills that are highly valued in today.

Featured Course to Learn Search Engine Optimisation

Vertical Institute’s SEO training stands out with its detailed curriculum,tailored to both beginners and seasoned marketers seeking fundamental SEO knowledge.


Gain digital marketing skills in SEO, SEM, social media & more.

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Class Details and Support

7 lessons, 3 hours each lesson

7 lessons, 3 hours
each lesson

Fully Online Zoom Classes

Fully Online
Zoom Classes

1 Instructor, 1-2 Teaching Assistants

1 Instructor, 1-2 Teaching Assistants

Live Q&A sessions

Close mentorship and guidance from instructors

Weekly free consultation slots

Capstone project feedback from instructor

Out of class support from TAs and instructor

Why Choose Vertical Institute for SEO Training?

Choosing Vertical Institute for your SEO training provides you with advantages and skills that sets you apart in the competitive field of digital marketing education.


Upskill with our Data Analytics course without no prior background or experience.

Professional Certificate

Professional Certificate

Gain an accredited Data Analytics Certification in Singapore.

Expert-led Learning

Expert-led Learning

Learn new concepts and tools through expert-led lectures, discussions, assignments and project work.

Personalised Feedback

Personalised Feedback

Receive individualised feedback and support from your instructional team with free 1-on-1 consultations.

Capstone Project

Capstone Project

Apply what you’ve learned to create a capstone project solving a real-world data problem

Community Benefits

Community Benefits

Be part of the VI community where members can leverage connections with alumni, instructors and experts

Career Support

Career Support

Dedicated career support and matching with hiring partners

Hands-on Training

Hands-on Training

Fully hands-on training with industry tools

Our Happy Students

What Our Students Say About Vertical Institute

Hearing directly from our students provides the most authentic insight into the impact of our SEO training at Vertical Institute. Here are a few testimonials that highlight how our course has transformed careers and enriched professional lives:
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More FAQs about SEO Training

Why is SEO important in digital marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation is important in digital marketing as it directly impacts a site’s ability to attract organic traffic, which is often the most cost-effective source of visitors. A strong SEO strategy ensures that your site appears higher in search engine results, making it more visible to potential customers. Effective SEO not only provides traffic but also improves user experience and credibility. Understanding and implementing SEO best practices can increase conversion rates and establish a long-term online presence.

What skills will I learn in this SEO course?

This SEO course provides a thorough curriculum in all aspects of SEO. You will start with a foundational knowledge of how search engines work and move on to advanced techniques for optimising content and technical SEO. The curriculum includes:

  • Learning to navigate SEO tools and Google Search Console.
  • Performing keyword research.
  • Understanding on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Developing link-building strategies.

These skills are crucial for improving search rankings and effectively managing an SEO campaign.

How long does it take to complete the SEO course?

The SEO course at Vertical Institute is designed to be comprehensive and time-efficient, accommodating busy schedules. The total duration is 21 hours of intensive training, structured to impart deep understanding and hands-on experience in a condensed format. This makes it possible to gain a significant amount of knowledge and practical skills in a relatively short period, ideal for those eager to start applying SEO techniques in real-world scenarios quickly.

Is the SEO course suitable for beginners?

Yes, the SEO course at Vertical Institute is ideally suited for beginners. It starts with the basics, ensuring that all participants understand the fundamental concepts of SEO, such as how search engines rank websites and the key elements of web pages that influence those rankings.

How does this course prepare me for real-world challenges in SEO?

Our SEO training is crafted to prepare students for real-world digital marketing challenges by focusing on practical skills and up-to-date strategies. Students engage in hands-on projects that mimic actual SEO tasks, such as website audits, keyword research, and creating SEO-optimised content. These activities build confidence and proficiency with SEO tools and practices. The course includes problem-solving sessions and scenario-based learning to ensure students can navigate complex SEO landscapes effectively.

What subsidies can I use to offset the course fees for marketing?

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp at Vertical Institute, including the SEO training, offers significant government subsidies to make the courses more accessible. For Singaporeans aged 40 and above, a 70% IBF subsidy reduces the course fees to $643.50 (including GST). For Singaporeans below 40 and all PRs, a 50% subsidy lowers the costs to $973.50 (including GST). Foreigners do not qualify for this subsidy and will pay $1,798.50. Additionally, Singaporeans aged 25 and older can use SkillsFuture Credits to offset any remaining fees, and NTUC members can use UTAP to cover 50% of any remaining fees, up to $500 per year. This structure helps ensure that many participants can afford to enhance their digital marketing skills.

Boost Your Career with SEO Training Today

Please take the next step in your digital marketing career with our SEO training at Vertical Institute. This course not only equips you with the fundamental and advanced skills necessary for mastering search engine optimization but also ensures you are prepared to meet the growing demands of a rapidly evolving digital marketplace. Enrol today to leverage the power of SEO in boosting website visibility, enhancing user engagement, and driving sustainable business growth. By completing this training, you’ll gain a competitive advantage in the job market and the skills to make a significant impact in any digital marketing role.