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Application Of Data Visualisation In Business Roles

by | Jan 3, 2022

With the amount of information available for analysis, data visualisation is an important and effective way of communicating key findings from analysis to your stakeholders. Here are some areas in which data visualisation could come in handy in business roles. 

Survey Analysis

Surveys could be important in gathering consensus, be it external or internal, and visualising survey results, instead of presenting plain numbers, could be a very effective way of communicating findings to stakeholders. For multiple-choice questions, you could make use of bar-charts or pie-charts to highlight the distribution in answers. For open-answer questions, it could be useful to figure out the distribution of the most common words or phrases and display them on a word cloud to show the most common issues raised by the results. 

Client Statistics 

When taking on a new business client, it could be useful to have information relevant to their profile displayed on a dashboard instead of presented in a lengthy report. This could help analysts understand trends in the client’s profile and understand the client’s needs quicker.

Marketing Campaigns and Analytics

Data visualisation can be crucial both in the execution of marketing campaigns as well as analysis of the campaigns carried out.

Conveying visual analytics about your product or service can help your audience grasp your main message more quickly and effectively.

In terms of marketing analytics, data visualisation would be an effective tool to aid decision-making with regards to market research analysis, customer analysis, cost analysis and forecasting.  

Human Resources Analysis

Human Resources is one department in any company that deals with an enormous amount of data as they work with employees from all departments and deal with data concerning employee profiles, pay information, turnover rates and performance reviews. Using data visualisation to derive insights into data will allow for the Human Resources team to glean trends more quickly as well as communicate actionable insights to management more effectively. 

While these are some areas in which data visualisation is commonly used, most aspects of business roles could be alleviated with the effective use of data visualisation. To pick up data visualisation skills, join our Data Analytics Course today!

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