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Top 5 Polytechnics, Universities, and Bootcamps for Learning Data Analytics

by | Feb 7, 2024

Welcome to the world of data, where numbers tell stories and insights shape futures! 

Whether you’re a curious newbie stepping into the tech arena, a seasoned professional seeking a career change, or a mid-career enthusiast looking  to add a digital edge to your skillset, Singapore offers a plethora of pathways to dive into the dynamic field of data analytics. 

In this guide, we’ll share the best spots in Singapore to kickstart or elevate your journey in data analytics. From renowned universities to vibrant tech bootcamps and beyond, discover where you can harness the power of data analytics in the Lion City:

1. Emerging Trends in Data Analytics Education

2. Polytechnics

3. Universities

4. Tech Institutes and Bootcamps

Emerging Trends in Data Analytics Education

A fascinating trend we’re seeing is the integration of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning concepts into data analytics courses. Students are now learning how to use advanced computer programs to analyse and make sense of complicated sets of data.

The importance of ethical data use and data privacy is also gaining recognition, prompting courses to embed these principles into their core teachings. As big data continues to surge, cloud-based analytics tools are becoming essential in the learning journey, offering students practical exposure to the technologies driving the data industry.

Educational institutions are also fostering partnerships with industry leaders, offering students a blend of academic knowledge and industry insights, enriching their learning experience and preparing them for the dynamic job market.

In this age of big data, keeping up with these educational shifts is vital for anyone aiming to excel in data analytics. The journey is not just about mastering the tools and techniques, but also understanding the ethical implications and developing a mindset focused on innovation and continuous learning.


Nestled within Singapore’s vibrant education landscape, polytechnics stand as beacons of practical learning, especially in data analytics. These institutions offer a rich blend of theory and hands-on training, arming students with the skills to analyse and interpret data effectively. 

With a strong focus on real-world applications, courses range from introductory to advanced levels, ensuring learners are industry-ready.  Whether you’re looking to switch careers or enhance your skills, these courses serve as a bridge between academic theory and hands-on expertise, preparing you for the world of data analytics.

Temasek Polytechnic

Where can I study data analytics in Singapore

Temasek Polytechnic’s Data Analytics course is your perfect launchpad. It’s not just a course; it’s your stepping stone into the world of tech, designed especially for career switchers and anyone with a keen interest in data.

Why Temasek Polytechnic? 

It’s a place where learning meets passion. You’ll find yourself immersed in a dynamic environment, surrounded by instructors who are more like mentors, guiding you through every step of your journey.

What’s in the Course? 

The course is tailored to make your transition into data analytics as smooth as butter. Imagine diving into the ocean of data without the fear of getting lost. That’s what Temasek offers. You’ll learn to swim through data, understand its currents, and use tools that help you make informed decisions. And the best part? No textbook-heavy lectures. It’s all about making complex concepts simple and fun.

Practical Learning

Get ready to roll up your sleeves. This course is hands-on, with real-world projects that give you a taste of what it’s like to solve actual business problems. You’re not just learning; you’re applying what you learn, and that’s where the real magic happens.

Networking Opportunities

It’s not just about the skills; it’s also about the people you meet. Temasek Polytechnic opens doors to a community of like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential employers. It’s your chance to build connections that could shape your career.


Whether you’re juggling a job or other commitments, this course has your back. With flexible schedules and a supportive environment, you’re in the driver’s seat of your learning journey.

Nanyang Polytechnic

Where can I study data analytics in Singapore

For those venturing into the world of data analytics or looking to level up their skills in the field, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) offers robust programs that blend technical know-how with industry relevance.

Specialist Diploma in Business & Big Data Analytics

This program is designed to cater to the evolving needs of businesses and governments that are increasingly relying on analytics and big data to drive decisions and gain competitive advantages. 

The course is geared towards Business Intelligence practitioners and IT professionals aiming to upgrade their analytical skills and understand how analytics is applied across various industries. 

The curriculum follows the NYP’s Professional Competency Model (NYP-PCM), ensuring that learners gain interdisciplinary, holistic skills across multiple competencies, including Data Visualisation, Analytics & Computational Modelling, and Applied Artificial Intelligence. The course is structured into competency units and canvases, ensuring that learners can apply their skills in real-world contexts through projects and workplace-integrated learning​​.

Diploma in Applied AI & Analytics

For those at the beginning of their journey or looking to solidify their foundation in the field, the Diploma in Applied AI & Analytics (DAAA) focuses on leveraging AI and Analytics technologies to process and analyse vast amounts of data. 

The curriculum is designed to help students develop competencies in drawing out data patterns, managing data efficiently, and developing AI-powered Big Data solutions applicable across various industries. 

This program is unique in its integration of additional industry certifications and its emphasis on agile, industry-relevant learning. Students will be exposed to a wide range of competencies, including Data Security & Governance, Data Strategy & Design, and Emerging Technology & Applications, ensuring a well-rounded skill set upon graduation​​.


Renowned for their cutting-edge programs, these institutions provide a comprehensive learning journey, from foundational courses to advanced research and real-world applications. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into data analytics or aiming to master the latest in data science, Singapore’s universities offer a diverse range of programs to propel your career forward.

At institutions like the National University of Singapore (NUS),, you’ll find programs meticulously designed to meet the needs of today’s data-driven industries. These courses are not just about learning the tools of the trade; they’re about transforming data into decisions, insights into actions. With a blend of academic excellence and practical exposure, students are prepared to meet the challenges of the digital age head-on. 

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Where can I study data analytics in Singapore

The National University of Singapore (NUS) offers a variety of courses and programs in data analytics and data science, catering to a wide range of learning needs and career stages.

For those looking for foundational knowledge or to hone advanced skills in data analytics, NUS provides a suite of courses under Data Analytics & Data Science. 

These programs cover everything from introductory courses to sophisticated programming and visualisation techniques, ensuring learners at any career stage can enhance their data literacy, crucial in today’s digital economy.

Professional Certificate in Data Analytics and Data Visualisation

The Professional Certificate in Data Analytics and Data Visualisation is designed to provide comprehensive learning in the workflow of data analytics projects, from understanding the basics to performing intermediate-level analysis and creating impactful visualisations. 

It’s a well-structured program for those looking to deepen their understanding and skills in data analytics and visualisation, particularly beneficial for roles such as Data Analyst and Data Scientist​​.

Data Analytics Begins With Me Course

NUS also offers the Data Analytics Begins With Me course, part of the Professional Certificate program. This course, taught by seasoned professionals with extensive industry and academic experience, provides practical, hands-on learning, equipping learners with the latest data analytics tools and insights into effective business process streamlining​​.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) with Major in Data Science and Analytics

For a more comprehensive academic journey, the Bachelor of Science (Honours) with Major in Data Science and Analytics is a four-year direct Honours program. It prepares graduates to tackle real-world data challenges, offering a curriculum rich in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. This program is particularly distinctive for its interdisciplinary approach, deep domain knowledge, and experiential learning opportunities, including an industry-driven capstone course​​.

Furthermore, NUS extends its offerings to more specialised areas of data science, like Big Data Engineering for Analytics, providing learners with the skills to manage and process large volumes of data efficiently and effectively. This course is part of several series offered by NUS-ISS, suitable for professionals with some programming and data design experience​​​​.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Where can I study data analytics in Singapore

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore offers a diverse range of data analytics courses designed to meet the growing needs of various industries.

Practical Application Course in Data Analysis and Analytics

This short course, offered by the Centre for Professional and Continuing Education at NTU, is focused on teaching practical skills in data analysis and analytics. The course covers how to analyse data, extract insights, interpret charts, and present the analysis effectively. It’s hands-on and requires participants to conduct real-time research and present data analysis. 

The course covers techniques such as charting, scatter plots, forecasting, probability analysis, and basic applications of statistics using Excel. This course is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge in data and information analysis​​.

Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS)

The MSDS program at NTU provides robust training in the field of Data Science. The program is interdisciplinary, supported by faculty from different schools, and covers a wide range of subjects, including a core course called “Data Science Thinking.” 

The program also offers a Capstone Project where students can apply data science concepts in industrial settings or academia. This program is ideal for those seeking to deepen their knowledge and gain hands-on experience in data science​​.

Second Major in Data Analytics

This program is jointly offered by the College of Science (CoS) and College of Engineering (CoE) and is designed to align students with emerging employment trends. The curriculum equips students to tackle real-world problems and challenges using innovative techniques in multidisciplinary settings. This major is available to students from various academic backgrounds, ensuring that graduates are versatile and competitive in the job market​​.

Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI)

This undergraduate degree program is based on rigorous training in the synergistic fields of statistics and computer science. The program is run jointly by the School of Computer Science and Engineering and the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. 

It targets students aspiring to use data science and AI to find innovative solutions to societal challenges. The curriculum provides opportunities to solve real-life problems in domains like healthcare, business, finance, and environmental sustainability​​.

Tech Institutes and Boot camps

Imagine a place where learning transcends traditional boundaries, where immersive, hands-on training meets real-world application. These boot camps are not just about learning; they’re about equipping you with cutting-edge skills in data analytics, machine learning, AI, and more.

From interactive sessions led by industry experts to collaborative projects that solve real business problems, these boot camps offer a dynamic and engaging approach to mastering data analytics. Whether you’re looking to make a significant career shift or upgrade your existing skill set, Private Tech Institutes and Bootcamps provide a rigorous, supportive, and practical learning environment to help you achieve your goals.

Vertical Institute

Vertical Institute is a prime destination for those looking to embark on or advance their journey in data analytics. Renowned for its hands-on approach, Vertical Institute offers a comprehensive Data Analytics Bootcamp tailored for beginners and mid-career professionals alike. The bootcamp is structured to demystify the world of data analytics, making it accessible and engaging, even for those stepping into the field for the first time.

Course Structure

The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, beginning with foundational topics such as Data Analysis & Excel Fundamentals, progressing to SQL skills (from basic to advanced), and concluding with Data Visualization using Tableau. However, the program doesn’t stop at theoretical learning; it incorporates a real-world project component, providing participants with the opportunity to put their newfound skills into practice, resulting in a tangible, portfolio-worthy project.

Flexible Schedule

One of the most compelling aspects of the Vertical Institute’s bootcamp is its flexibility. Classes are held online via Zoom, catering to the busy schedules of working professionals. The course spans 21 hours, divided into seven lessons, each lasting three hours. This format provides a deep dive into key data analytics tools and techniques, ensuring a solid foundation in the field.

Affordable Pricing

The course is recognized for its affordability, offering up to 70% IBF subsidy. For Singaporeans aged 25 and above, SkillsFuture Credits can be utilised to further alleviate the cost, and NTUC members can take advantage of UTAP for additional financial support.

Success Stories

The success stories from the boot camp are a testament to its effectiveness. Graduates from diverse backgrounds, including those from industry-leading companies, have praised  the program for its insightful curriculum, expert instructors, and supportive teaching assistants. The hands-on approach, coupled with the course’s structured pacing and comprehensive material, makes it a standout choice for anyone keen to dive into data analytics or elevate their career in this rapidly evolving field​​​​​​​​​​.

Let’s Wrap It Up.

Where to learn data analytics in Singapore is no longer a question. The finest options are those mentioned above, particularly if you are eyeing full-time courses or short courses in Data Analytics.  If you are searching for a shorter training programme to upskill, the data analytics course offered by Vertical Institute in Singapore is ideal. The course is designed to help you upskill even while you are employed and simply  exploring the field. We wish you the best in finding the right institution for your data analytics journey!

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