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List of Courses Eligible for Skillsfuture Credits in Singapore

by | Jun 23, 2022

Looking for interesting Skillsfuture Courses to upskill? We are happy that you get here. So let’s go and find out more. As technology and digital transformation proliferate across society, upskilling in tech has become a necessity, especially with the majority of employers trying to tackle an industry-wide skills shortage.

So, how can you stay ahead of the talent curve? The answer is simple – sign up for SkillsFuture eligible tech courses in Singapore!

These short and industry-relevant courses aim to equip people with emerging skills in areas such as Data Analytics, Python coding, UX Design, and more to keep themselves relevant in an ever-changing digital world.

What is SkillsFuture?

SkillsFuture is a national movement initiated by the government in 2015. With the goal of developing a culture of lifelong learning, the initiative provides opportunities for citizens to upskill or reskill in various fields.

One can achieve this by utilising their SkillsFuture Credit to offset expenses for approved training courses and programmes (subject to eligibility requirements). Moreover, the credit can be used on top of other existing course fee subsidies offered by the government.

Check out our guide on SkillsFuture Credits to learn more about the eligibility requirements, as well as how you can check your credit balance.

If you’re unsure of where to begin, here are three SkillsFuture Credit claimable courses you can enrol in to kickstart your journey of upskilling in tech!

SkillsFuture Eligible Courses at Vertical Institute

Interesting SkillsFuture courses 2023

So, you’re sitting on some credits and wondering how to use them. Look no further than Vertical Institute. VI offers a range of engaging courses suitable for beginners. You can dive into the fascinating world of data analytics, or become a defender in the digital realm with cybersecurity. Perhaps you’d like to bridge the gap between people and products with digital marketing, or even make digital experiences more enjoyable through UX design. The world of blockchain is also at your fingertips, and for those craving deeper data knowledge, there’s Advanced Data Analytics. Let’s explore the individual courses.

1. Data Analytics Course

From big multinationals to small companies, most of today’s businesses depend heavily on data. Thus, it is crucial for businesses to possess the relevant data analysis techniques to uncover trends and extract valuable insights from raw data.

Some benefits of data analytics include well-informed decision making, creating a more effective marketing strategy, better and personalised customer experience, and streamlining operations, among many other things.

The advantages of data are indeed numerous. However, established data analytics tools and techniques are needed to access these benefits.

SkillsFuture accredited data analytics courses, such as the Data Analytics Course, equips students with knowledge in all the necessary tools such as Tableau, SQL, and Excel. Fret not, these courses are beginner-friendly, and you’ll be guided by instructors who are experts in the field.

2. Cybersecurity Course

The Cybersecurity course at Vertical Institute in Singapore offers comprehensive coverage of this vital field. This includes understanding and countering online threats and scams, and equipping yourself with a wide array of defensive strategies.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity isn’t just about knowledge, but also about hands-on skills. This course ensures you’re fully engaged with practical tasks. You’ll be exposed to real-world scenarios, simulating attacks and devising robust defenses.

Learning isn’t done in isolation either. You’ll receive expert guidance throughout the course. These seasoned professionals offer insights gained from their extensive field experience. They’ll mentor you, sharpening your abilities, and molding you into an effective cybersecurity specialist.

In a world growing more digital every day, cybersecurity skills are invaluable. By completing this course, you’re not just earning a certificate, but also setting yourself up for a thriving career in one of the most in-demand sectors in Singapore and around the globe.

3. UX Design Course

If you have an aptitude for problem-solving, and you’re also a creative critical thinker, then UX Design might just be for you. Plus, with UX design playing a key role in virtually every part of the digital world, it’s no wonder that UX design skills are high in demand in Singapore today.

UX designers bridge the gap between people and technology. They make technology more accessible by creating user-centred designs, ultimately leading to an improved user experience.

Some of their day-to-day tasks include planning research strategies, conducting interviews, designing wireframes, and testing prototypes. They also get to collaborate with an array of stakeholders, marketing experts, developers, and other creative masterminds.

With the help of SkillsFuture Credits, you can join the UX Design Course and learn important industry tools such as Figma. Additionally, you’ll be able to work on a capstone project and gain a professional certification, both of which are extremely valuable towards building your UX Design portfolio. 

If any of the abovementioned SkillsFuture supported courses are of interest to you, don’t hesitate to sign up today and take the first step towards upskilling in tech!

4. Digital Marketing Course & more

The modern business world is all about digital marketing. Without it, you are left in the dark and unable to take full advantage of today’s fast-paced economy – but with proper knowledge comes power! This course will teach participants everything they need for success: search engine optimization skills like keyword research; social media strategy development (Facebook/ Instagram); Paid Social Strategies such as TikTok or Snapchat ads…and much more!. By end date we hope that each student walks away equipped not only mentally but physically too having learned how implement these strategies successfully within their own organization. Sign up in our Digital Marketing Course in Singapore today!

Find this blog interesting and valuable? Feel free to share these interesting courses to your family and friends. Thank you and we wish you a good career ahead in tech.

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