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All You Need to Know About Marketing Personas

by | Nov 14, 2022

Marketing personas can be said to be one of the first priorities of marketers for a long time. They are like the building blocks of any successful marketing campaigns. Crafting personas in marketing provide us with a clear picture of the preferences and wants of our target audience. Even though market segments can also help marketers understand their customers better, they are very different from personas. 

In this post, we will walk you through all you need to know about marketing personas and how you can get started on personas in marketing.

What Is A Persona In Marketing

Vertical Institute - What Is A Persona In Marketing

A persona is a fictional and research-based character that is representative of a target customer. Most of the time, these personas include images and fictional profiles to make them more substantial to marketers. Buyer personas depict who your ideal customers are, what they do on a daily basis and the pain points they have. Personas tend to share similar behavioural patterns due to their commonly held goals. How are marketing personas crafted, you may wonder. Marketers craft personas based on research and data, by learning from both primary and secondary sources and their customers’ behavioural patterns.

Some of the common sections found in personas are as follows:

  • Profile photograph of the persona
  • Background information and demographics (eg. age, occupation etc)
  • Motivations
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Quotes from real customers

Benefits of Using Personas in Marketing

In creating a digital marketing campaign, not many marketers will go the extra mile to create buyer personas before getting started. Perhaps it is because they feel that it is not so important. In fact, creating buyer personas will greatly help in the marketing strategies of any companies. Here are some key benefits of using personas in marketing.

Connect Better With Your Ideal Customers

Using personas for your marketing campaigns is integral as this allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your current and potential customers. It helps you find out about how they are behaving, their preferences, their demographics and more. It is only when you are able to know them beyond the surface level that you can better connect with them.

Help Narrow Your Marketing Focus

Another major benefit of marketing personas is that they allow you to segment and target your customers. By doing so, you understand each buyer persona profile better and provide highly personalised and targeted content to each of them. This will be beneficial in the long run as you will not be investing your valuable time and effort on platforms with low chances of conversion. Furthermore, using personalisation enables you to talk to each persona in their language and reach them on their preferred channels. 

Improve Your Content Creation

High quality content is of utmost importance in generating new leads and attracting potential customers. However, before you can even start creating good content, you have to first know your target audience in and out. Buyer personas enable you to get a deeper understanding of your customers and find out about their needs and wants. They allow you to know what are the challenges they hope to overcome and what they look for in a solution.

Discover and Create Negative Personas

A negative buyer persona, also known as an exclusionary persona, is the opposite of a buyer persona. It helps you better understand and identify who you are not targeting and is not suitable for your product or service. This is essential as it helps to boost productivity and efficiency, allowing you to make progress towards your goals. By creating a negative persona, you will have a clear idea on which are the consumers who will not likely buy your product. Therefore, you can better plan and allocate your time and resources to pursue the right group of customers.

What Is The Difference Between a Persona and a Market Segment

Many of us tend to use personas and market segments interchangeably. However, it is important to note that these two terms have very distinct meanings and differences. 

Customer segmentation refers to the grouping of customers into specific groups  according to their types and characteristics. It is not always an easy task to create customer segments because detailed and big-scale research has to be conducted. The findings and data obtained are then studied closely to provide insights about segments of customers within a bigger marketplace.

On the other hand, personas refer to fictional profiles created by marketers to know their prospective customers on a deeper level. Personas are built to imitate the traits and characteristics of a real customer. They are constructed based on information gathered through interviews and research with real people. These profiles are representative of the different segments that share common attitudes, goals and values. 

How To Create Personas for Marketing

Vertical Institute - How To Create Personas for Marketing

After knowing how a market segment is different from a marketing persona, it is useful to learn how personas for marketing are developed. Here are the four main steps in creating marketing personas.

  • Conduct market research: The first step you have to take in creating your marketing persona is to gather as much information and data as possible about your target market. 
  • Determine audience segments: The next step is to identify important groups of audience with similar characteristics.
  • Create personas: A marketing persona can be created after you have determined the audience segments your persona is representative of.
  • Implement personas: The final and last step is also the least challenging one. Now after crafting your personas, you will share and use it with your team.

Getting Started In Persona In Marketing

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