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What Are The Trending Data Analytics Tools?

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Blogs | 0 comments

The Data Analytics is the process of examining raw data, before coming up with conclusions involving that information. Data analytics enables you to use this data and extract valuable insights from it. 

Data analysts use data analytics tools in their research, and organisations use them to make strategic decisions. This helps to boost business performance, generating higher revenues. 

Importance of data analytics in organisations:

  • Improves business revenue and efficiency
  • Prepares a company for fluctuations in market trends, gaining a competitive advantage
  • Boost organisational efficiency and performance
  • Allows for making of strategic decisions 

Data Analytics Tools are softwares that data analysts can utilise to collect organisational data, before making informed decisions on how to improve business processes. 

There are a myriad of software tools available to conduct data analysis. These can range from spreadsheets and data visualisation tools, to data mining programmes and reporting tools. With so many tools available, which are the top data analytics tools for data analysts? Here are some of the most commonly used tools for data analytics in organisations:

Structured Query Language

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language used to communicate with databases. There are many ways to utilise SQL, from generating data to retrieving data. 

It allows you to work with a large amount of data, which makes it easier to analyse business trends in order to make strategic decisions. 

Tools like SQL is also portable, and can be used on PCs, laptops and even some mobile devices. It is convenient to use, and data can be easily transferred between devices. Moreover, SQL enables you to accurately retrieve data efficiently. There is no need for a background in coding; SQL is beginner-friendly, with only the need for simple keywords to retrieve data. 

Structured Query Language is an in-demand skill which many companies are now looking out for in candidates, and it is highly recommended to pick this skill up to kickstart your data analytics journey.


Tableau is a data visualisation tool widely used in various industries. Data visualisation is presenting data in a way such that even a non-analyst can interpret it. It is a significant aspect of data analytics, gaining popularity among business managers. They are able to analyse trends visually, making quick and efficient organisational decisions.

Hence, Tableau allows you to create data visualisations, maps, and dashboards. It helps to convert raw data into more easily interpretable information that can be understood by professionals at any level. 

The tools like Tableau is commonly used due to its efficiency in analysing data. It enables data analysts to explore data with boundless visualisations, providing actionable insights. 

Tableau is user-friendly which is perfect for beginners. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it intuitive and allows users to quickly understand its functionalities and its many features. Moreover, users can work on large volumes of data, managing large databases while maintaining the performance of their visualisations. 

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is no stranger to data analysts. It is a software programme that uses spreadsheets to sort numerical data and is widely used in almost every industry. Users are able to identify trends, organise, and sort the data into different categories meant for decision-making.

The user-friendly software is user-friendly, and is a great tool for beginners.

 Common functions of excel include:

  • Analysing vast amounts of data
  • Generating visual representations of data
  • Managing finances and inventory

Many organisations run their entire business functions entirely on Excel. It is a valuable skill that will greatly improve your employability by adding it to your resume. There are many functions of Excel, and learning now to use Excel would definitely be a valuable skill you can add into your resume!

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