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What Salary Will I Earn As A UX Designer? (2022)

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Thinking of pursuing a career in user experience (UX) design? With the ever-increasing demand for UX design skills, coupled with the multitude of resources available, there’s no better time to upskill than right now. Read on to find out more about UX design and the salary that comes along with it. 

What Is UX Design?

UX design is all about creating an engaging and satisfactory experience for users whenever they interact with a digital product. A good UX design would allow users to easily navigate through the product, all whilst being useful and valuable. 

Having a good UX design could also allow consumers to have positive experiences with businesses, which ultimately benefits both the business and consumers. Thus, good UX design is essential and a critical part of ensuring the consumer’s needs are met – it’s no wonder the job of a UX designer has been highly in-demand. 

But What Does A UX Designer Do?

As previously mentioned, UX designers are the key personnel when it comes to creating a positive digital experience. Some hard skills that are expected of UX designers include being able to use tools such as Figma, Miro and UXpressia. 

Additionally, UX designers should also be able to understand their audience and tailor the digital product to fit their needs. Thorough analysis on the digital product should also be done frequently, in order to consistently and promptly meet the needs of the business’ audience. To sum up, here’s a list on some of the hard and soft skills required for a UX designer: 

  • Able to use prototyping tools like Figma or Adobe XD
  • Analysing competitors and consumer behaviours with digital products
  • Creating wireframes, sitemaps, and more 
  • Generating innovative ideas to make digital product engaging 
  • Able to facilitate good communication between client and consumer 
  • Finding creative solutions and having attention to detail 

How In-Demand Are UX Designers? 

In 2020, Linkedin named UX design as one of the top 10 most in-demand technical skills globally. And this demand can be clearly seen in Singapore – with a simple search on job sites like Glassdoor and JobStreet showing hundreds of results for job listings under ‘user experience designer.’

Just last year, The Straits Times reported that “e-commerce sales in Singapore are expected to grow to US$10 billion (S$13.4 billion) by the end of 2026” – showing no stop for the focus on online platforms to continue expanding. This continuous rise and expansion will inevitably create more jobs for UX designers locally – explaining the aforementioned demand. 

What Is A UX Designer’s Salary? 

Like most other jobs, a UX designer salary will differ depending on one’s level and years of experience. Besides the years of experience, the job website – Indeed, also states and shows how the salaries for UX designers in Singapore vary for different companies. For instance, the average salary for a UX designer at Standard Chartered Bank is reported to be S$13,676 a month, while the Government Technology Agency is reported to have an average of S$7,264 a month.  

And on a global scale, Indeed states that the average base salary for UX designers is $96,948 per year in USA and $100,480 per year in Australia. 

But no matter where you plan to make your mark as a UX designer – and if you’re currently researching how much you can make as a UX designer – be sure to take note that the salary differs with years of experience and between companies. Ensure to also double check on the role titles – some employers may mention wanting ‘UI/UX designers’ instead of just ‘UX designers’, which may require a different set of skills.Thus, it’s important to do thorough research on the jobs listed – to ensure you’re qualified and prepared with the right skillset.

To certify your expertise, consider taking our UX Design course, where you’ll gain the necessary skillset to kickstart your UX design journey and earn an accredited UX Design Certification in Singapore.

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