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What Does A UX Designer Do?

by | Apr 13, 2022

Thinking about learning more about UX design? The best way to do so would be through getting your hands dirty with the following beginner-friendly UX design projects. 

UX Designers Can Create Website Design

A web application is an application software that runs on a web server, so that users can access it over the internet. Web Applications can be customer facing, such as an e-commerce or marketing website, or can be used for a company’s internal operations, such as for Human Resources. Decide which kind of web application interests you the most, research on the target user demographic, and conduct a detailed case study including sketches and hi-fidelity prototypes to present in your portfolio.

Mobile Application Design

Over 50% of all web traffic happens on mobile. As such, being able to create mobile applications that are useful and intuitive is a highly sought-after skillset. For this project, you could pick a business that interests you that does not have a dedicated mobile application yet. Research carefully on the business’s goals and product requirements. Proceeding forward, study the business’s products’ target audience and their needs. Thereafter, you can begin the process of wireframing and making hi-fidelity prototypes to present in your portfolio.

Top UX UI Design Course in Singapore

In Vertical Institute’s user experience design course in Singapore, you will build your first UX portfolio project using tools taught such as Figma, Miro, UXpressia and more! The user experience design course is taught directly by UI UX designers in Singapore.

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