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Unlock the Potential of Crypto Certification in Singapore

by | Jun 15, 2023

A Cryptocurrency certification is a great way to show your expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain. This rapidly-growing industry requires more qualified workers, but many people need help knowing where to start. That’s where certification comes in: with proper training, you can further unlock the potential of this exciting new career path.

Why get certified in cryptocurrency?

Crypto certification is a great way to build knowledge and skills in the field. It can help you get a job in the industry moreover even open doors to higher-paying positions if you already have a job. It’s also an excellent way to learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investing – two fields growing fast as new opportunities emerge daily.

Future of Cryptocurrency in Singapore

Singapore is a global leader in blockchain technology, with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) being one of the first central banks to issue guidance on cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Singapore’s central bank has supported blockchain technology through different policies and measures.

Singapore’s Singapore’s strong focus on innovation and technology makes it an excellent place for anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrencies, particularly if you’re eager to develop your career as an expert.

The importance of cryptocurrency certification

Certification is essential in cryptocurrency, allowing you to participate in the industry and earn a living. You can use your certificate to show employers that you are qualified and have knowledge of blockchain technology.

You can also get certification on your own time through online courses or by attending workshops.

How do I get certified in crypto in Singapore?

Cryptocurrency certification in Singapore is becoming popular among professionals looking to advance. The reason is simple: it offers a way to stand out from other applicants and stay relevant with employers who want someone who can speak their language.

The best place to begin is by researching what certifications are currently available, what they cover, and how much they cost. You can also ask yourself whether the course will help you achieve your goals and if it’s worth investing your time and money into getting certified in this area.

How much does cryptocurrency certification cost in Singapore?

The cost of cryptocurrency certification depends on the course, training provider, and location. A standard in-person offline course can cost between SGD$ 3,000 and SGD$ 10,000. Online courses are more affordable at around SGD$ 2800 to SGD$ 1,500.

How long is the cryptocurrency course?

The average duration of the cryptocurrency course is about 3-6 months. The time depends on the student’s experience and ability to learn new things quickly. Students with no experience in investing or trading can complete this course in 3 to 6 months, while those who already have some knowledge about investing will take a shorter duration to finish it.

Where can I study cryptocurrency in Singapore?


Crypto certifications can be taken online or through a brick-and-mortar school. If you are eager to learn more about cryptocurrency and want to get certified, here is the best place to learn.

Vertical Institutes Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Course is curated to your needs and covers the following benefits for students:

  • 21 hours of training, which includes 7 lessons, 3 hours each.
  • Taught online via Zoom.
  • 1 instructor and 2-3 teaching assistants.
  • This program has been evaluated and accredited by the IBF.
  • Dedicated career support and matching with hiring partners upon graduation
  • Flexible course schedules outside working hours allow you to learn whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Conducted by Leading experts from Google, Apple, Alibaba, and more 
  • It will be first-time-friendly, with no prior knowledge necessary.
  • Solve real world problems with newly acquired knowledge & skills.
  • Bootcamps: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Bootcamp
  • The entire course fee is $2,675 before subsidies.
  • Course fee reducible from $950 to $1450 (to all Singaporeans and PRs).
  • The remainder can be offset using SkillsFuture Credits and NTUC UTAP.
  • It is to equip students with the most in-demand skills and best practices in blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Vertical Institute’s Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Bootcamp will dive deep into blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies from a historical, theoretical, technical, and practical perspective.
  • This comprehensive program will teach you about Bitcoin, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, decentralized finance, and more.
  • Get hands-on with in-class practical activities and real-world examples.

Cryptocurrencies changing the way we view money and finance

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, not controlled by any government or bank, nor not backed by gold or other precious metals. They have a fixed supply and cannot be printed like paper money.

Cryptocurrencies can only be created if someone uses their computer to “mine” for them—the process of using high-power computers to solve complex mathematical problems that unlock new cryptocurrency units.

This means cryptocurrencies will replace fiat currencies (like dollars) as the primary form of money. In contrast, others think they’re just another fad that will fade over time as people lose interest in them or get scammed out of their investments through fraudsters who take advantage of investors who don’t know how these things work yet!

Certification best way to know the world of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency course Singapore

The Crypto certification is evidently the best way for you to learn and understand the world of blockchain technology. You can explore cryptocurrencies, use cryptocurrency wallets, trade on exchanges, and invest in ICOs. 

In addition, you can also learn how to leverage blockchain technology for your business ventures or develop a new career path as a professional consultant or advisor in this field.

Why is Crypto Certification in Singapore essential?

Crypto certification in Singapore is thus the first step towards making cryptocurrency more accessible and friendly to the general public. This certification will help you understand how cryptocurrencies work and the different ways you can use them in your daily life.

It’s also an excellent way for businesses eager to accept cryptocurrencies for payment or investment purposes but needs help knowing where to start!

Lastly, Cryptocurrency certification is becoming increasingly popular as more people realise its potential benefits. Thus, If you’re thinking about getting certified yourself, you should start now. D


Cryptocurrency certification is an undeniably great way to start in the crypto world. It will surely give you a good foundation and help you understand blockchain technology better. The course will also teach you about cryptocurrencies, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to trade them on exchanges like Coinbase or Binance.

About Vertical Institute

Vertical Institute prepares individuals for the jobs of tomorrow. We specialize in teaching in-demand skills, and building the next generation of changemakers and inventors through our world-class tech courses and certifications. 

Singaporeans and PRs can receive up to 70% of IBF Funding off their course fees with Vertical Institute. The remaining fees can be claimable with SkillsFuture Credits or NTUC UTAP Funding.

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