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How to Start a Career in Tech With No Experience in 2024?

by | Oct 30, 2023

How to start a career in tech with no experience in 2024? It might seem like a huge mountain to climb. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Tech is a huge field with loads of different jobs, from coding to design and everything in between. You don’t need a fancy degree or a ton of experience to get started. We’re going to show you tips on how to break into the tech world. Ready? Let’s dive in and make your tech dreams a reality!

Essential Tips to Launching Your Tech Career

Essential Tips to Launching Your Tech Career - Vertical Institute

Whether you’re a complete newbie or looking to shift gears, we’ve mapped out the crucial steps to help you navigate this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

Tip #1: Do a Self-Assessment

Before diving headfirst into the vast world of tech, let’s hit the pause button and do a little self-reflection.

  • Ask yourself: what excites you? The tech world is vast, offering everything from cybersecurity, digital marketing and more.
  • Do you love solving problems? Coding might be up your alley. If aesthetics are more your thing, consider design.
  • Remember, patience is key. Set realistic goals as you embark on your tech journey.

Finding what you are interested in makes it one step closer in discovering your desired role in the tech industry.

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Tip #2. Explore Tech Career Paths Before Your Big Decision

According to SkillsFuture, here are some of the Skills Demand for the Future Economy:

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Business Data Analysis
  • Data Storytelling and Visualisation
  • Machine Learning Application
  • Cyber and Data Breach Incident Management
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Threat And Vulnerability Management
  • Software Design
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Social Media Marketing and more!

Tip #3. Leverage Online Learning

One of the most accessible ways to acquire tech skills is through online learning platforms. These platforms offer a variety of courses tailored to both beginners and those looking to advance their knowledge.

Vertical Institute offers a wide array of in-demand tech courses. Notably, they provide IBF-accredited certifications, ensuring that courses meet industry standards. One of the advantages of Vertical Institute is that their courses are entirely online, providing flexibility for those who might be working or have other commitments. By completing these courses, you not only gain knowledge but a recognised certification that can be an asset in your tech career.

Besides Vertical Institute, other platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, and edX offer tech courses. However, you will not be able to experience live discussions that can boost your learning outcomes.

Tip #4. Develop a Strong Online Presence

Maintaining a visible online presence is more critical than ever, especially for those pursuing a career in tech. Here’s why:

Professional Visibility

Companies and recruiters often perform online searches to vet potential employees. 

Showcasing Skills & Projects

Platforms like GitHub, Behance, and Dribbble allow tech professionals to display their portfolios. 

Continuous Learning 

A strong online presence indicates active participation in the tech community. 

Networking Opportunities

Platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter can connect you to industry leaders, potential mentors, and peers. 

Building Personal Brand

Online visibility allows you to build a personal brand. As you share insights, write articles, or engage with others’ content, you establish yourself as a thought leader and expert in specific tech niches.

Feedback and Collaboration

Sharing your work online opens doors to feedback from global peers. This collaborative spirit is inherent in the tech community, leading to improved skills and even potential partnerships on projects.

A robust online presence is your digital footprint in the tech world. It reflects your skills, passion, and commitment to the industry. For those starting in tech, especially without prior experience, it serves as evidence of your abilities and dedication. It makes you a more attractive candidate in the eyes of potential employers.

Tip #5. Stay Updated on Industry Trends

The tech industry is renowned for its rapid advancements. Yesterday’s innovations can become obsolete today. Learn something new daily. Here’s what you can do.

Broaden Your Knowledge

Following tech blogs, podcasts, and news sites ensures that you’re always updated with the latest tools, languages, and methodologies in tech. This knowledge can give you an edge in job interviews and discussions.

Engage in Discussions

Platforms like Reddit, Hacker News, and tech forums are not just sources of information. These are communities where you can engage in discussions, share your views, and even challenge your beliefs.


Being aware of industry trends means you can adapt more quickly based on the tech roles, making you a more flexible and valuable asset to employers.

Inspiration for Innovation

Keeping yourself in with what is latest in tech can inspire you to come up with new ideas or solutions, fueling creativity and innovation.

Professional Development

Regularly updating your knowledge can lead to identifying courses or certifications that can further boost your career. For instance, if a new programming language or framework is gaining traction, you can prioritise learning it.

Takeaways From Our Tech Discussion

Key Takeaways From Our Tech Discussion

Starting a career in the tech industry in 2024 without a foundational background might appear daunting. However, as outlined, with determination and the right resources, it’s entirely feasible. The initial step is understanding your genuine interests in tech. Subsequently, delving into career opportunities, harnessing the power of online education, and establishing a pronounced online footprint is pivotal in launching your tech career. Given the rapid pace of technological evolution, being updated with the newest trends is indispensable. Embracing adaptability, continuous learning, and active networking is not just about breaking into the industry but sustaining and excelling in it.

Start Your Tech Journey Today

The future of tech is promising, and there’s room for everyone to make a mark. Why wait? Start your tech journey today. If this guide has helped or inspired you, share it with friends and peers considering a career in tech. Let’s innovate, create, and shape the future together!

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