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Free Workshop

Introduction to UX Design

Saturday, 30 September 2023
Zoom Meeting Online (Online)
9am - 10am
About the Workshop

User experience design has been making big waves in today’s digital world and reshaping the way businesses engage with their users. It’s no wonder that businesses deemed UX Design as one of the top 10 hottest skills that are in-demand right now. 

But what sets good UX Designers apart from the rest? What are some of the essential skills that companies are looking for in a hire? Find out directly from our top industry experts in the industry as they share more about their professional experience in the field and how to use these newly gained insights to help you consider your next career move as a UX Designer.

During the upcoming information session you will:

  • Get an overview of the curriculum and course objectives
  • Meet the instructor, hear about his/her professional experience
  • Have the chance to ask questions about their experience
  • Discover the perks of being a student at VI

About the Instructor


Experience & Instructional Designer
@ Hause Collective

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